Treat or Treat

Nov 2, 2006 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

OH!!!!! I love this boy!
Growing up we were NEVER allowed to buy a store bought costume and the same rule applys today. I scanned my jacket and ironed on the decals to turn our P.R. in to Jr. Dale Junior that is! We were his pit crew…I will add Joels photo as soon I as get it – my digital did not get used for the family photo for some reason. Oh he is so cute I can’t stand it…


  1. Amanda

    Cute….Landon was a race car driver too and don’t ask me where he got that idea, because I’ve never had NASCAR on in my entire life….

  2. cityfarmer

    Oh Junior….can I have your autograph…I wanna be your super fan!!!!!aka gramma

  3. FarmgirlCyn

    So cute…looks JUST like his papa! Hoping to see everyone in a few weeks!

  4. Faith

    Ridiculous!!! He couldn’t be any cuter!!!

  5. julee

    Ridiculous is a good word!
    How is Jr. doing? Dale, that is!
    Soon we’ll get to blog about the CMA’s!
    Thanks for the B-day voice mail!
    Oh, and Meliss is flying into GR so we probalby won’t do the party:( We’ll finalize today or tomorrow.

  6. Gramiamplusone

    That little guy is certainly a TREAT. Wish he could knock at my door. Had little wart surgery on my pinkie yesterday so can’t type too good. bandage comes off today.
    Jens and Tone are coming through today on their way to Indy. Come when you can!!!!!


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