style="text-align: center;">It’s 64 magnificent degrees here in Illinois today… about a month ahead of schedule and one can’t help but think of the “farm to table” opportunities right around the corner! 
 (Farm to table sounds so much nicer than “backyard to table” doesn’t it?)
As you get ready to place your seed orders and try not to foam at the mouth with your thoughts of your first trip to the nursery why not think of some creative ways to use what you grow this year?
The other day I was at Trader Joe’s and could not resist the purchase of their new “Flower Pepper” — it was one of those things that upon reading the label made me think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”
I will definitely be growing my own this year and am already looking forward to giving it as gifts.  TJ’s ingredients are 
Black peppercorns,
and Corn Flowers
I’ll keep my eye out for beautiful grinders all year at TJ Maxx.
But I think I’ll experiment with mine, adding dried Nasturtiums for their additional peppery taste for sure.  Hmmmmm….
The mind reels with thoughts of another year of growing.  
My Potager is calling?
Is yours?