Nothing like a little romance…
Here are my top Ten (13) pics for Romantic Recommendations for the weekend….
I love St. Valentines Day…
Bright Star
This movie… in a word… SUBLIME.
I’d give a big, ewy, gewy review of this gorgeous movie but I will leave it at: SUBLIME.
Trust me.
The Notebook
Just in case you are stubborn like me and won’t watch this movie because of all of the blubbering hype… well, I was so wrong and so are you.  Watch it.  
A Room with a View
I love this movie so much I think I have even hosted viewings of it on the website.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE!  It is perfection, the sound track simply must be on your IPod and it has THE BEST on screen kiss EVER!!!!!  Never mind it was Princess Diana’s favorite movie – the only rival it has as mine is Gone with the Wind….
Because you can’t have a Romantic Movie list without it…
Gone with the Wind
When was the last time you really watched it?… not caught part of it on TV but really, snuggled in and swooned.  I can recite the whole movie… I wish I was kidding.   Scarlett is one of the characters I identify most with in any movie I have ever seen.  Not the total nasty B—- part of her (Well, OK Sometimes) What a fool she is for not loving Rhett body and soul! But I love that stubborn, fightin’ side… it’s why I have always joked that “I am no lady”.  When Rhett says, “And you Ma’am are no lady.”  I LOVE IT!  You bet I’d rip the green portieres off the windows and strut in to town proud as you please if it meant saving the family farm!  As God as my witness…
French Kiss
Um, because it’s funny as you know what.
Really, talk about having a movie memorized.  I don’t really like Romatic Comedies because they almost ALWAYS hit this horrible lull after “boy loses girl” that lasts WAY too long… it’s always the point I just say “forget it” and go to bed.  Not so with French Kiss, or the next two movies listed… The little things in this movie just about kill me, the stupid facial expressions, the french accents.
  Have you noticed that once Meg played this role she seemed to loose all ability to act and she has been “Kate” in every romantic comedy she has done since?  Shame.  Full of HILARIOUS one liners this is a cult classic in this house.  And so is…
Return to Me
This is another one the I stubbornly would not watch for years.  But…
What’s not to love?
Even if you are a fan of “Swiss Water” you are going to LOVE this movie. (You know I got sick on Swiss Water once.)  It’s warm, tender, hilarious and has nostalgic Chicago pegged to a T!~
The one liners are priceless,
“Your ass is ringing”
“Matchy, matchy.”
“I’m trying to put Mommy to bed.”
but our favorite is:
“You had a sex dream about me?” – we are such dorks we laugh every time.  If you haven’t seen it, prepare to fall in love with Return to Me.
The Proposal
I am popping this one in the minute I am done with this post – it’s an instant view on Netflix!
SO FRICKEN FUNNY!  Sandra as a rock hard, Christian Louboutin shoe wearing, ball buster blackmails her admin into marrying her then they take off to Alaska to meet his family?  It has a slight Rom Com lull but it’s not TOO long and it gets funny again so it redeems itself.  The scene with Sandra dancing around the ghetto blaster to “Get Low” by “Lil John” … well, be sure you have your Depends on.
Super sweet, super romantic.
Bridgette Jones Diary
Look, this movie is just hilarious and dreamy at the same time.  It’s sooooo funny with that British humor and though I have never been desperately single, surly this movie captures the desperate side.  It’s worth it just to see Colin (my heart, my heart) Firth reprise his role of Mr. Darcy… Just as he is.
If you aren’t laughing during the opening credits when she sings into her wine bottle mic, “All by Myself” then maybe you need to drop a few quarters.  Speaking of Mr. Darcy…
Pride and Prejudice
I like the old BBC version the best but the newer one was beautifully shot.  Do I have to begin to tell you why Jane Austen is romantic?  I didn’t think so.  Never watched a Jane Austen movie?  You should cut your teeth on….
Sense and Sensibility
Very witty.  Very gentle… sometimes love takes time.  It’s not always fireworks… sometimes we, ourselves get in the way.  Acted to perfection, gorgeous music and the epitome of what a Jane Austen story is all about.  Class, rank, stubbornness, silly sisters, twittering Mothers and heroes of the first order.
Sweet Land
If you have been reading PF for the last couple years you know this is one of my all time favorites.  In my little world, it just might be the best movie ever.  The love of a man and a woman and the love of the land.  Oh my…
OK, that was Romantic… now I have to add two more categories  “Hot” and “Foreign”  This ones very romantic but in a sexy, money, power kind of way.  Let’s just call it
Another fantastic soundtrack and wardrobe?…  Oh my gosh… try NOT to covet the clothing… and no lusting girls… 🙂
The Thomas Crown Affair
and… for Foreign… if you have been under a rock for the last decade and still haven’t seen Amélie... shame on you.
Trés romantique… trés français.
I know I have lots of Momma readers and I would not watch Thomas Crown or Amélie with my preteen or teen daughters if you know what I mean. 🙂
I am still not 100%…
If I don’t get to posting before Monday… a Happy St. Valentines Day to you!  Forget Hallmark and corny stuffed animals… just be romantic and kind.