Ok, that’s the sound of my horn.
But I guess I’m a-tootin’ it aren’t I?!

To quote myself in high school…


I couldn’t help but share these kind words I have been receiving about the new magazine.  You girls are blowing my mind… so it’s not selfish pride but more like me jumping up and down and all around my living room, waving my arms in the arm like an over-excited maniac when I read words such as…

Angela,I am speechless, the beauty of your publication has left me speechless with amazement and joy.  I have not felt this way about a magazine in a very, very long time.  I almost cried, it is so wonderful!  And there is so much in there!  I had no idea it would be so beautiful, and so chock full of wonderment. No doubt you will be the “next big thing”.  I wish I could describe how thankful I am for your magazine. but I am ……speechless!Bless you, and best of success with everything.  Merci!Kind wishes,   

Angela and Parisienne Farmgirl Team,Gorgeous!  This magazine reminds me of Victoria Magazine before they ruined it!

Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine,Thank you for such a lovely publication!   It’s so inspiring and reminds me of a magazine back home (Holland) called Seasons!  You should be proud!  –Sandy

Wow, I had no idea it would be so big!  I saw the flip book on the side of your blog and that finally pushed me over the edge to order it, because everything looked just drop-dead gorgeous.  Then I opened it up online just to flip through it quickly before heading to bed.  It wasn’t very “quick”; I kept flipping and flipping and flipping.  Yu might want to let people know how big and densely packed the magazine is; $25 sounded expensive for a quarterly at first, now I think it’s a steal!  I could spend all day curled up with some coffee to read this except my four kids actually except to get fed multiple times a day (the nerve!).
Scroll to get pages to turn…

Ahh! Can you stand it??  I am flying high!  You girls ROCK!  And here’s another gal that rocks – Corrina Tough at Je t’aime Photographie.  Corrina wrote the cutest article for PFM… she took francophiles favorite movie; “Amรฉlie” and gave us her version of the recipes mentioned in the movie… here’s a page from her article…

Corrina is a photographer who specializes in momma’s
 and children but I love these unique dancer photos too!  

Obviously I’ve got a ton of enthusiasm about our new mag… I TRY to not yack about it all the time here on my blog.  I hope you will humor my enthusiasm when I do!!
Soooooooo, did you try the honey wheat?  
Did you eat the entire loaf yourself?
I told you I am back to my fourth Final Fifteen” stage!  
So, let’s strap on our workout shoes and pour a glass of red wine…
What is she talking about?
You’ll see.
Stay tuned.