Too Bad Their not Paying Me for This

Dec 15, 2006 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

OK Folks, the calls are pouring in…”we can’t comment on your blog.”

It’s time to get with the times and switch to Beta! I do not know what the problem is but the grass is greener over here for sure!!!
If you want to do fun things to your blog, it’s easier and if you just want to keep it simple (Gram) you can do that to.

Posting is easier, editing is easier. Come on in, the water’s just fine and then we will have no more comment problems!


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    I haven’t switched, and I can comment just fine!

  2. cityfarmer

    How can the grass be greener if everyone is complaining?

    I will not switch til I’m force fed…

    I don’t see any benefit from any I read.
    The one thing I do see is inconstistency…every time I comment with beta a different window pops up…tonight now with you I have a differnt window than I’ve ever had.

  3. cityfarmer

    nic’slifenotsoalone come upas not found…ggrhhh

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I tried to change some of my options thats why you saw a different window. At least you can comment now! I dont know what the problem is but besides that occasional comment problem I love it, I’m telling you it’s easier!

  5. julee

    Come over to the other side. Bill Gates has an iPod.

  6. cityfarmer

    Bill can afford an iPod~~

  7. quiet storms

    Bring on the readers, Parisienne! I have two posts, al fresco del mente de la victoria. take note of the shout out!

    love, v.

  8. joywaltmire

    ok it’s getting a little less complicated.


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