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Today in the Kitchen…

Butcher, Baker…
Macaron Maker!!!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try again.
I have read that these little babies take some mastering…they weren’t kidding. 
  I now understand why they are over a dollar a piece in Paris… I finally found a recipe I really like but four batches later I worked out the kinks and would you believe had to change over four things that the recipe called and instructed for?  
The last few days have been spent “perfecting” the chocolate flavor and now I will move on to my other favorites: lemon, raspberry and pistachio … then on to others; lavender, coffee, rose, Grand Marnier…
 This is NOT helping me lose the baby weight. 
 I want these little beauties to taste and look as close to Ladurée as possible!  That requires not only accessing their appearance … lack of cracks in the surface, the shine, the lack of oil spots and of course their signature “pied” or  foot…that little crackly that looks like an addition layer … but of course, eating them.
As soon as I can make them in my sleep they will be for sale in my Etsy shop, complete with pretty little boxes.
  After all, we should not have to fly to Paris to enjoy these exquisite little treats!!!
How exciting!

14 thoughts on “Today in the Kitchen…”

  1. Oh, Angela how divine that macaron looks. Can only imagine the taste. You are making me cry because yesterday I attempted my first batch of Macarons sans the recommended scale for carefully weighing the basic ingredients ala Tartlette, and with no silpat to help….the results were sad but tasty porous blobs. I guess I will also have to try again or better yet wait til your work is done and order some of yours in your surely exquisite packaging.

  2. I went to Paris FOUR times and never had a macaroon. How crazy am I? Now I will have to order some from you. How funny! I am wanting to try them… so get cooking! LOL

  3. Oops! I thought I misspelled macaroon. I looked it up, and I spelled it the American way… oh how could I??? The french spelling is MACARON!!!!!!

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