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This, well, this might be an atrocity to some. 
 To the pro’s I imagine.  
But I tell you, my family is thrilled with this little number that I pull out when it seems there is “nothing to eat” around here… dig out the last of your onions, kill the milk and shake out the bottom of the cheese bag!
Since so many of you have joined me on the “Final Fifteen” (BTW as of this morning, one down, 14 to go!) I did this sans crust making it a pretty quick lunch considering it’s packing in the flavor!
You can’t hardly mess this up because we aren’t shooting for award winning quiche here (my recipe to appear in Fifi’s book next spring or else I would share it with you!) we are just going for “yum” and “working with what you have.” 
 So, nothing is really measured, just go for it!
You will need:
-Some eggs 3,4,5,6?  Your call.
-Some sort of dairy product.  Milk, cream, half and half.  Remember, you are using what’s in your frigo!
-Some cheese, the nicer the better of course.  Swiss is best.
-Some herbs, herbs de provence are best.  Don’t have ’em? 
 How about a little dried Thyme?
-3 onions, don’t have 3, use two, want to use four?  Go 4 it!
Some butter, don’t have butter?  Try a little Olive Oil I suppose.
Cut up your onions.  I use my Cuisinart for nice little rings.
Melt butter (1/4 to 1/3 stick) or heat oil and add your onions.  Butter will be a little better because we are going to carmalize the daylights out of these onions. 
 Just keep sautéing them ’til they begin to turn brown.  Salt and pepper and add your herbs too.  I added a little of my DE-VINE balsamic to add a little sweetness!
Mix your eggs and milk or creme together.  1/2 cup of milk or creme or a little more… up to one cup if you want.
Add it all together and throw the cheese on top.
Bake for awhile at 350 or so, ’til it gets firm and then, if you want to you can broil it for a second… yum if you are using Swiss cheese!
See what I mean, you really can’t botch this!
Make a simple garden salad or as my kids do, run out to the Potager and pick a tomato and enjoy.  
Now, I have to tell you.  If you are a Momma, you probably serve yourself last, well, with this “meal” in our house, I have to stake off a piece because if we pray first and I tell everyone to begin, I will be darned if there would be a piece left for me, as by the time it’s  my turn everyone is asking for round two!
This “meal” and I keep saying “meal” because it’s pretty casual, is very easy, full of flavor and is a great way to kill what’s left in your fridge before you plan next weeks menu.
And, if you are watching le ligne don’t fret, sure this meal is rich but you are not going to feel weighed down after eating a portion… and a half… eat it guilt free, especially if you have used quality eggs and organic dairy products and produce.
Bon Appetit!