style="text-align: center;">No, not the book.
But do you have food traditions in your home?
We do.
I love to have a breakfast dinner once a week.
Sunday nights are all about simplicity.
Shepherd’s Pie cheers up a weary husband.
And just about every weekend I bake a cake.
Last weekend I was in the mood for lemon (as usual) and so I worked up this little number based on Martha Stewarts white cake recipe.  (I added the zest of 4 lemons after infusing the sugar with it and two tablespoons of lemon juice.)  What it created was a SUPER moist cake and the left overs never became dry, even after a couple days.
For the frosting I have been experimenting with “antique” recipes and by googling “historical” or “antique” recipes you can find a whole slew of them that are as old as the hills.  I tried one of these for the frosting.
Very interesting.
A couple weeks ago I had some extra time so instead of following a recipe 
I designed a new cake.  
This weekend’s cake has yet to be decided. 
 But it’s so fun to look forward to, it looks so nice under the dome on the counter and it’s perfect for offering a slice to people who may pop by for an impromptu weekend visit.
“If I had known you were coming I’d ‘ave baked you a cake.”
What sort of nourishing traditions do you have in your home?
I’d love some new ideas!