Today in the Kitchen – Lemon Pepper Pasta

Jul 1, 2010 | Recipes | 12 comments

It’s been terribly long since I posted a “Today in the Kitchen” and I had not realized how much I missed it until I sat down to write this post.  I have a delightful menu planned for the Parisienne Farmhouse this week; if you enjoy this and would like a few more recipes please let me know and I will try to post a few more in the next ten days or so.
This weather here in the Midwest has been indeed glorious.  
And really, considering “glorious” is referring to Heaven one does not hesitate to think that perhaps the “weather” in Heaven will be just like this.  (Or perhaps a bit warmer for those of us who don’t mind the sweat!)
When the sun shines like this and the house isn’t filled with stiffling heat I get very inspired to cook.  But really heavy food just won’t cut it.  
For those of us who will never give up on pasta no matter how evil it is made to be, it’s necessary to find lighter more summertime ways of making it.  I stumbled upon this one the other day which includes two of my favorite ingredients; Lemon and Créme Fraiche.  This is my version of the original inspired by M.G. of course.
You will need:
Lemon Pepper pasta.  Homemade if you can. 12-16 oz
Creme Fraîche*
4 oz Parmesan cheese
Four lemons
The juice from one lemon
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
(Serves 4)
PLEASE DON’T just give up and use sour cream if you can’t find Creme Fraiche in your area.  It’s such a wonderful, wonderful food.  Simply make your own by combining one cup whipping creme with two tablespoons of buttermilk, combine in a glass jar and cover.  Leave it on the counter top (70 degrees) for 8-24 hours, until thick.  Stir and refrigerate.  Don’t have buttermilk?  Just add a little lemon juice to milk.  See? There is ALWAYS a way in the kitchen.
Cook your pasta al dente (or as preferred).  While it’s cooking zest your lemons.  In a separate sauce pan heat the olive and add the lemon zest, stirring on low for two minutes.  Add 6 ounces of Creme Fraiche and bring to a boil, add the lemon juice and bring to another boil.  After it begins to thicken add your Parmesean cheese and stir well.  Pour over your pasta and serve immediately.
Our terrace has been such a delight to us in this weather.  Every chance we get we make a fire and eat “al fresco.”  If you are still eating with the T.V. on, well, shame on you.  Whatever it is; morning coffee or evening meal – get outside while you can.  
So with our fountain bubbling and fire crackling we popped open a light Prosecco and enjoyed our lemony feast with fresh greens from the Potager drizzled with a hint of Balsamic Vinegar aged 25 years, nothing more.  
And there is not photo because they were devoured so fast but for desert we put the rest of our Creme Fraîche to use and enjoyed strawberries that we picked the other day in a local field, slightly mashed, mixed with a spoonful or C.F. and again, drizzled with Balsamic. 
Sensing a theme here?
Bon Appetit!


  1. Raymonde

    Hi, it seems like ages since I stopped by. I really enjoyed myself today browsing.

    J’ai faim! Je veux des pâtes.

    Enjoy your summer with your little ones. Ils sont adorables. xxx

    PS: Giddy: je suis ivre de bonheur. I can’t think of a shorter word. I am working on it. 😉

  2. Anne Marie

    sure……..rub it in………

  3. Lorilee

    Sounds divine!

  4. Pamela

    I will have to try this being a big pasta fan.
    If only it would warm up in this part of the country!

  5. Deb

    Oh, I’m going to try this one! Sounds sooooo good! Thanks!

  6. Sandra

    I skipped breakfast and am, now, having a difficult time with this post. This looks amazing!

  7. Stephanie

    I’m going to have to make my own creme fraiche because I can’t find it anywhere around here. I love your in the kitchen posts a lot and they provide lots of inspiration for meal planning.

  8. Mrs. B.

    I just made this tonight. So yummy.
    I used 1/2 the zest – I didn’t want too much of a kick. 😉 And breaded and sauted a bit of tilapia with lemon thyme to serve with it.
    Good recipe!

  9. Joy

    Your photos are totally awesome. Period.

  10. Kalee

    For the lemon pepper pasta do you just make pasta with lemon pepper seasoning mixed in?


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