Eggs.  Eggs.  Eggs.
It’s so funny because I “am not an animal person” but let me tell you…  If you are an animal that offers my family something – 
I love you.
My chickens are WELL taken care of.  Dare I say – spoiled.   (Which is why I am so mad at them right now.   They aren’t laying eggs for nothin’ right now.  Darn molt.)
They get scraps from the kitchen, cuttings from the garden and I even fluff their nesting boxes with herbs from the herb garden.Oh yes I do.

We eat a-lot of eggs.   
If I had a bigger coop (and our coop is a good size), 
 I would have a hundred chickens.   
And I will someday.
This was a little number I made the troops for lunch and they LOVED it.  I bet you will too…
 So easy.You will need:
Fried or broiled prosciutto
An over easy egg
Broiled asparagus
(drizzle a little olive oil over trimmed spears and season with sea salt and ground pepper)

Oh my goodness girls this kind of food is so good and with a glass of wine makes a lovely, light meal.  
Bon Appetit.

Parisienne Farmgirl