Today in the Kitchen -Confetti Jardinera! & F.F. Update!

Sep 27, 2010 | Gardening, Recipes | 6 comments

Goodness knows we like our food pretty – darn – spicy in the Parisienne Farmhouse and this weekend was our annual Jardinera weekend!
With Jalepenos pouring in from the Potager I was thrilled to add a new twist to a family favorite!  
Cause you can never have too much!
We got the jist of this recipe from an avid gardener and cook around the corner (Mr. Mike)… someday I will show you his vegetable garden… w-o-w!  He gave us a jar of his Jardinera a few years back and we (Aidan, Joel and I) wolfed if down in about 3 minutes and we all knew it was something we could not live without.
Here’s Mike’s recipe -with “my” color!
Jalepenoes (I don’t wash my seeds away as we like ours very spicy!)
White Vinegar
Soy Bean Oil or Canola
Chop and put in a large bowl covered with 50% water, 50% vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of salt for one week.  For the “confetti” effect I left some of my peppers on the vine long enough to turn red and used purple and green Cauliflower in addition to traditional white… I could not get my hands on orange in time to do this post.  I plant rainbow carrots every year and had planned to use them too but they were a bust this year… dommage.
Stir every couple days.
At the end of the week, fill jars, and add dried oregano and oil.  
Since we love ours on pizza I use my Cuisinart and finely chop some to spread!
Here is last years batch…  but this years is twice as big and still pickling in the fridge…
 Jardinera is awesome with beef, pizza and with a FORK when you have the taste for some, crunch and spice come January!  We are TOTALLY addicted and VERY excited about our colorful brew!
This recipe beats, HANDS DOWN that horrible, soggy, mush you buy at the store, the only drawback to some may be the fridge storage for a very large batch… we devote the entire bottom shelf!  But around here Sundays isn’t Pot Roast day – it’s homemade pizza day and we like ours with homemade applesause and homemade Jardinera!  (Yes, applesauce, don’t knock til you try it!)  If winter has a handful of joys Jardinera on pizza during a Sunday snowshower is one of them.
If you like this, I’ve got a killer (and my very own) Tapanade recipe I have been itching to share with you!  Coming soon…
OH, I almost forgot.  I meant to report this to you on Friday.  It’s been three weeks since the announcement of the “Final Fifteen”  – I have lost 6 and have 9 more to go.  I’ve been pulling things out of my closet all week that I haven’t worn since before Hoolie.  It’s been very fun.   But truth be told, I ate like a piggy this weekend and will have to find my mojo again tomorrow morning.  I can’t believe when this is accomplished I will have lost over 55 pounds………… again.  Ahh, the joys of pregnancy and motherhood.  I’ll probably loose it all just to find I am expecting again – now THAT would be a riot!

It’s a busy week around here…  very special field trip coming up!  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!
Bonne Semaine!


  1. Gracie's Cottage

    Oh that looks delish! Now you have me wanting to run off to the farmers market…will put that on the calendar for later in the week. Question – do you refrigerate for that first week when it’s hangin’ out in a big bowl?


  2. Anne Marie

    whew! looks a bit spicy!!! not for me – BUT – it’s beautiful to look at – and me too on the rainbow carrots – a total bust sums it up – i get better thinning in the spring than i did at harvest time

  3. Tamra

    How would this hold up to a 15 min water bath so that the jars could sit on the shelf? Or would it make it too mushy? Just wondered.

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Hey Ladies
    Looks like it might really be spelled “Giardiniera”. Hmmm.

    As far as canning: If you choose to can it in a water bath canner you are going to get a really different effect. And you will need to follow different directions and not keep it in oil and the oil is the good part 🙂 This recipe is crunchy but not too crunchy but NOT mushy!

    Here is a link for a canned recipe if you want to do that instead – it’s more work though 🙂

  5. CL Field

    Looks awesome. So when you share the tapenade recipe perhaps you can tell us how you put applesauce on a pizza, too!

  6. Stephanie

    It looks like a gorgeous colorful version of what we call olive salad. I love putting a little of this on a sandwich or to top a plain old salad and make an italian salad. Yum!


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