I love a hot beverage.
Hot coffee.  Hot chamomile.  
I hate hot wine… like at Christmas.
But I love Chai Tea.
Awhile back my sister gave me Shaye Elliot’s cookbook and it’s full of great “whole foods” recipes.  Her recipe was my “inspiration” – I tweaked it just a bit to suit my spice rack and preferences.  Shaye is a very knowledgable homesteader, did I mention gorgeous?  She has a great Facebook page and blog too! Girlfriend has mad homesteading skills and tons-o-knowledge!
I insist that you order her cookbook!  If you are wanting to start a whole foods lifestyle it’s full of everything you need to get started from Kombucha to Chocolate Mousse! 
The great thing about whole foods recipes is that you can’t hardly ruin them and you can change them up to suit your needs like I did with this one…
You will need:
Cardamon (10 pods or one tablespoon ground)
One inch chunk of ginger root
10 bags of Oolong Black Tea
Raw honey to taste 
10-12 cups water

Slice open your vanilla bean and scrape out the contents.  Add contents to your water (it will look like a blackish goober).  I use my garlic press to slightly crush open the peppercorns, cloces and all spice berries.  Then I add everything but the tea and raw honey.  Steep for about 30 minutes then add your tea bags and steep for another thirty.  Strain and pour into a half gallon ball jar or container of your choice for storage.

To enjoy simply prepare 50% milk with 50% concentrate and add raw honey (or honey, or cane juice or your sweetener of choice) to taste.  Hot or cold – Oo, la, la… banish away the winter dull-drums.

A votre santé.
Parisienne Farmgirl