I’ve been wanting to do this forever and now that I have my greenhouse space and the moss is in full force around the farm I thought there was no time like the present.
I dug out all my little terra cotta from my garden barn and went-a-moss-huntin’.  We have tons of moss growing on the shady side of the house near the wooded area and right up against the foundation.

I looked around the Internet for different recipes and got the gist of it.  So I took two cups of moss, thoroughly rinsed, one cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of sugar (adding little bits of water to make it easier for the blender).

I’ll warn you, it’s a rough blend.  Maybe don’t use your best blender.  And it stinks.  Like a fish market.  I don’t recommend bottling your left overs as it just smells too bad.

You see examples of how to grow moss all over the place but I hope to actually inform you if this really WORKS as the weeks go by.  I have the pots sitting in my greenhouse where it’s nice and warm.  I suspect the moss will grow on the sides that don’t receive sun. 

This project is coinciding with my effort to grow my own lavender and rosemary.  I have been buying small rosemary topiary standards for the farmstand and have two gorgeous double standards in my herb garden.  Growing them myself is another skill I’d like to acquire.  I’m never satisfied until I can do something myself.  The pots from the wholesale greenhouse I buy them from have lovely white crud and moss growing on the sides.  I’d like to achieve the same… or even better results.

I love moss.

I went ahead and took my brush and paint out to my lion fountain and some of the shady spots of my patio pots.

Here’s hoping.

I’m spritzing everything with water constantly.

I have these Italian terra cotta pots that were my Great Grandmothers.  They are simply amazing.  Like something from the Pompeii excavation site.  Their moss has been there for years… after years outside on her Albuquerque patio.  

Have you ever grown moss?
Got any hints for us?
Stay mossy!
Parisienne Farmgirl