-Clean house top to bottom

-Set table
-Find enough silverware!!! (Yeah right, wonder if guests would mind my chic, super tarnished antique silver?)
-Call neighbor for card table
-Get haircut/manicure
-Finish zipper and arms of Amélie’s dress
-Stocking stuffers for kids?
-Make sure Joel donates truck cap by end of the year!!! Crack whip!
-Make Aidan’s bed
-Wash Amélie’s bedding
-Fold laundry … oh could I?
-Make Cinnamon rolls – freeze
-Make Egg Bake – refrigerate
-Set up buffet area
-Wash all baby gizmo stuff – bouncy seat, swing cushion, etc.
-Finish Amélie’s birthday banner – try to swear about broken buttonholer!
-Finish draft of Christmas letter/blog – pray for inspiration.
-Set out ball jar votives
-Organize creative room
-Remove toe nail polish…somehow! (Carefully stretch out first!)
-Start Strep B vitamins/routine for test on Wednesday
-One more trip to the attic (buy one more tub)
-Apologize to bloggers about having no time for “Gift Wrapping Post” maybe next year
-Buy two plastic shower curtains for birth
-Call Aunt Ruth and ask what to bring Saturday
-Wrap Joel’s present
-Dream of a big glass of wine.
-Enjoy a one ounce glass of wine.
It is amazing with all that has been accomplished in the last three weeks that this is still the size of my list!
Between a 15 person birthday brunch, Christmas the next day and a birth that could, in theory come at any moment in the next three weeks … and the toe nails that I can hardly reach to remove the once cool, almost black polish … well, I am trying to breathe, not freak out and enjoy this time. Hubby will be gone literally every waking moment until Christmas Eve morning so I am on my own … Lord, please don’t bring this baby this week, and please let me feel those first signs when Joel is HOME! (New readers, two years ago baby girl came Christmas Eve in 38 minutes).
Think I can pull this off? Only by the Grace of God. Speaking of God, in this “attack mode” that I am in, I sure don’t want to be negligent of remembering His Son.
Prayers appreciated.
OK, I am getting somewhere. Cleaned like a nut yesterday and Mom came today and she put a hurting on the first floor while I did things like errands, wiping baseboards, cleaning photo frames and whatever else I could find. THANK YOU MOM! Lugging that vacuum around exhausts me and I can’t reach across the counters as fast as she can with this belly. (Mo”m even made the cutest curtains for our new “schoolbarn”!!!)
Tomorrow will be spent in the kitchen, tonight is for folding a few loads of laundry and assembling the cake that I thankfully made the other day…whoohoo! It’s coming together!!!
I hope the rest of you are D-O-N-E and sipping Champagne while you start at your lovely Christmas trees.