How do you take a Mom’s love of a beautiful party and a sweet daughter’s love of Tinkerbell and meld them into a gorgeous, Christmas Eve Birthday Brunch?
I know there are some Mom’s who have chosen not to introduce their daughters to the Disney girls… and I know there are some that probably go over board on the entire “Princess” “Fairy” thing.
I’m not really down with everything my girl’s own being stamped “Princess” but dang, I loved Cinderella and Tinkerbell as a girl… why shouldn’t they experience some magic too?
For their parties I try to blend and adult look with a child’s look.  It’s a little girl’s party and a Momma’s chance to entertain.  LeeLee and I were thrilled with this year’s results!
We started with two questions:
Do you want a Hello Kitty Party or a Tinkerbell party?
Do you want a cake or a macaron tower?

It was Tinker all the way and the decision for the macaron tower was easy.  When I make macs the kids get the broken or imperfect ones.  Amélie was THRILLED at the idea of a ton of macs being made just for her.  And of course, she put in the request for lots of pixie dust.
Big brother had the GREAT idea to put a Tinker doll on the top!  See the gold pixie dust?
Next step:
Green and silver vintage ornaments
gold chargers
My prized antique green and cream Bavarian china
and a $20.00 trip to Party City for all the fairy stuff!

Other touches include Marie Antoinette style champagne glasses (found this fall at the Goodwill) and new (old) cutlery from my local favorite thrift shop, a giant scrap of satin I found in the linen closet, two bouquets from Trader Joe’s.
HINT:  When someone brings you that two foot long bunch of flowers from the grocery store you’re always left scrambling for a vase and often they are still teeteringly tall.  Just lop them off and find a creative container instead.  For this party I used two etched wine glasses.  Instantly $6.00 floral bunches take on a very stylish look.

A simple brunch of fruit salad, sausage, scrambled eggs with herbs de provence and feta cheese, and of course, Amélie’s Great, Great Gramma’s cinnamon rolls complete with purple frosting and pixie dust!

Fairy wings from Auntie Chels.

How in the world is this sweet baby already four years old?
Here we were again, on another “Morn Before Christmas” reveling in the joy and laughter she brings to this family.

I love you baby girl.
Je t’aime.
Je t’aime.