OK, what do we have here?
I don’t think it should look “winterfresh” anymore but does it look Tiffany & Co. or does it look “mint chocolate chip”?

It’s 90 degrees out! Like I have time for this!!! Oh, wait, I do cause we are all under the weather and the little one has been taking 28 minute naps cause she can’t breathe out of her nose! &^^%$%^&*&

La pauvre!!!! (Poor little one)

PS – Did you see the twins were actually born??? She can keep “Knox”, “Nox”, whatever at least she didn’t use Amélie!!!!

I’m gonna take a real life picture out in the garden today, braless, in a tank top with cut off sweat pants lest anyone think I’m running around in my red lips all the time!

Here’s a few more for now of the potager, les jardins et mes enfants sans moi…
translation: veggie garden, flower gardens and kids without me…