Place for Mom to sleep when she stays with us – CHECK!
(God bless her, cause unlike some of my friends I am NOT someone who can walk around and do “stuff” on day three!)

Homebirth stuff – CHECK!
(Which is so funny to me to have on hand cause last time it was me, Hubby, Aidan and a mirror. I pray it’s that way again!!!)

Crystals windexed – CHECK!

All baby paraphernalia clean, put together and ready to go – CHECK!

Fun new dining room look – CHECK!

Floors “Murphy’s Oil Soaped” – CHECK!

Place for the midwife to hang out – CHECK!
(Cause I don’t want her around ’til the last 10 minutes and even then, she better let Joel deliver this baby!)
I am well aware of how neurotic I can be.
I am looking for a state of perfection in this house that just can’t exist with people living in it but I have been working towards this moment since about October. Every chance I get, tearing into a closet, cupboard or drawer. Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning but those days really don’t matter cause life goes on and I found myself cleaning again today like a madwoman.
“Just in case I go into labor tonight!”
The kids are spit shined, nails trimmed, hair washed…you know,
“Just in case I go into labor tonight!”
There is still so much I could do to move towards that imagined “perfection”, there are a couple lower cupboards in the kitchen that are an abomination to the title “Domestic Goddess” (Which is what I fill out on forms under: “Occupation”), they have gotten so bad in the last 6 weeks as bending over causes a surge of firelike heartburn at any time of the day. Pots and pan just thrown ascue…and at one point my “junk drawer” spilled over the back and down into my Cuisinart cabinet – I have yet to clean it up.
People keep saying, “You should be resting.”
I rest on my “bad days” but when I have the energy I can’t seem to stop myself from accomplishing somethingtomorrow the kitchen cabinets are getting washed if I didn’t overdo it today…
I mean, what else can I do with my time? It’s all I’ve got these days. There is no way in “H” that I am leaving this house – just packing up those chickens and trying to strap those ^%$&*(% car seat belts OVER their winter coats is enough to put a NON pregnant person into labor! Suppose I could paint my nails again – with all this work I can’t get my polish to stay on for more than 10 minutes.
Tonight this baby feels like it’s practicing that head spin breakdancing move on my cervix.
Grind down little one, grind down…come to Momma!
I’ve never been more than two days early so my hopes are set pretty realistically…
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.


I swear this won’t be the subject of all my posts forever…it just feels like it. If you are a birth junkie – you might really enjoy, “The Business of Being Born” – I did.