Here it is at 8:04 this morning-

I have not had but two minutes to read my blog and it’s comments and as far as googling the links given to me about Sarah Palin – well, though I CAN’T WAIT to read them -I spent my day cleaning floors yesterday. Somehow I have managed to get the kids playing and here I am posting instead of working out! (Which I WILL do when Amélie takes her nap!)

Two thoughts to speak to as uniformed as I feel this morning –
#1 On Sarah.
Sarah Palin will peak. The adoration is almost getting on my nerves a little bit. After all, that is what is so irritating about NoBama. They call him, “The One” for pete’s sake. Sarah is not the answer to our problems any more than “The One” is. Though the Fergie to our Royal Family she is. I like her as far as politicians go. (If you really know me, you know that for me to use the word “like” as opposed to “love” says alot. I very, rarely am as milk toast as to “like” someone or something.) So, I do think is it important to not make her out to be something she is not – like the Savior of the Republicans. Most of us already have one thank you very much. Am I glad she is the VP nom? Yes, as shocked as I was that it was not Romney I am enjoying the fresh air and lack of stodginess.

#2 On Not Voting, or Voting for a Third Party
That’s just not working for me yet. I DO understand not wanting to sell out to a Political Party or leader that does not hold our beliefs to his/her heart and here comes the “Butt Monkey”…
BUT – I do think aside from past voting records that we may not agree with there are other things that these R Candidates bring to the table that can preserve our way of life as we know it and honor those who have died to make this country great. I think too much blood has been spilled to keep this a (somewhat) free country, to many have sacrificed so much to let a Socialist like Obama in office.
I think we have some sort of obligation to our children to at least try to put people in office who will properly protect this country, who will at least in some ways defend life, who will at least TRY to keep marriage what it IS and not something it isn’t, someone who will at least TRY to make it possible for small businesses to function in this country, someone who will at least call SOME things and people evil instead of agreeing to meet with them with no conditions.
This world is so sick and desensitized I have always looked at politics as a way to “delay the inevitable” I guess – I just don’t agree with the “let the chips fall where they may” idea as Christians.
Think for example if “we” (and by “we” I mean conservatives older than I) had adopted the “let the chips fall” thinking when Reagan was running? He was not perfect but he did much good for the country – what if our history books (as sorry as they are) showed Modale’s photo for those 8 years? Where would we be today?

The fact is we have this great country. Conservatives need a voice, even if we have to keep chipping away and chipping away until we have a TRUE moral and social conservative to vote for. We conservatives are out-procreating our liberal brethren by ASTOUNDING numbers and in forty years there is going to be a HUGE conservative population. I think politically we need to keep paving the way for them.