Thriftin’ on Thursday

May 24, 2012 | French Farmhouse Design | 9 comments

Ok… Remember that pile of *&^% that I took to my friends re-sale shop?

Well, it’s a good thing I cleared out.  Check out this SCORE from my first garage sale of the year!!!!

Lift up those couch cushions and dig out the quarters girls!
Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Hunting.

Show off your finds with SavvyCityFarmer’s
Thriftin’ on Thursday!


  1. savvycityfarmer

    oh, for a minute I thought you scored AGAIN … hahaha

  2. Recycled Rita

    What great finds! Thanks for sharing! karen…

  3. janet

    You scored BIG and got a lot of nice things..Great job..

  4. Priscilla

    Actually, I’m ready and waiting for my friend to pick me up to go “Sale-ing”. We go every Friday all Spring, Summer, and Fall. Here in Oregon, it often rains, but folks just move it into open garages or under marquees. We are hardy folks up here!

  5. Amber

    NICE! I think I need to squeeze in a little hunt in the morning! Happy weekend Angela!

  6. Victoria T

    How come your sales there are so chic and our here are so “ick?” Not fair! I think I need a ‘saling visit soon…

  7. Michele Smith

    Awesome! I see so many wonderful things. When I saw this I was inspired to go out myself and found some wonderful frenchy chairs with fleur de lis needlepoint cushions for $30. Hopefully I will share them soon!

    I am finally your newest follower, I have been “stalking” you for months LOL I love your style, just fabulous!


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