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First off-
You girls rock!
Your reaction to my last post was great –
So many fantastic comments… and the TIME you take to write such long ones is so fun for me!  In all the huff of what we are talking about to hear that someone else thinks “beer, wine, coffee and feta cheese” are staples brought a smile to my face.
I remember not so long ago when my hubby was out of work for close to two years… We actually went OFF coffee because it was such a luxury.
My prayers are for those who are in that horrible position.
Looks like the magazine fun is going to continue.
This week “Parisienne Farmgirl” will be featured on 
The Where Women Cook website.
A different article every day.
Cooking tips…
Check it out!
Bonne Semaine!

I had the cutest photo but for two days blogger has been saying “server rejected” when I try to post a photo – any one know what is up?????