This Pitch, This Pitch…

Feb 16, 2006 | Gardening | 4 comments

I just was surfing around the internet and stumbled upon a clip of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw singing. I think someone stepped on a cat.
Here I am yodeling and DO, RAE, MEing my ass off every day getting ready for my big concert this summer, panicking that I have neglected my voice and fighting back the voices of insecurity reminding me that all of the sudden I have theses whipper-snappers in my family coming out of the woodwork with voices to rival Ella and Judy…
I have got my work cut out for me. It will be hours that I pour into this just to get my vocal muscles back in shape. I am pushing myself, vowing to save face in front of hundreds of people and my family…so what…tell me what, excuse do Faith and Tim have for SUCKING and could someone tell me how you get famous when you can’t hold your pitch in a LARGE FIVE GALLON BUCKET??? If that’s all it takes then I should have 5 Grammys on my mantel.


  1. julee

    Whipper snappers…that’s going on my “wish I’d said it first list.” But, I must say, Faith and Tim on Oprah talking about God, family, and the simple life. Wow! But just as soon as I start to love her again…she has Garth & Trisha on to sing the most god-awful-out-of-tune-harsh-sleazy-sounding love song I’ve ever heard. I have it on TIVO and you can watch it just before you go on stage! You’ll feel like you’re Allison Krause.

  2. Amanda

    Ang, I remember a pretty 8th grader who sang these words in a Choir Concert, “Sometimes I wonder, where I’ve been, who I am, do I fit in? Make-believin is hard along, out here on my own. When I’m down and feeling blue, I close my eyes so I can be with you…OH BABY BE STRONG FOR ME, BABY BELONG TO ME…help me through, help ME NEED YOU”…..

    I can hear you singing that like it was yesterday, but I remember more vividly, practicing up in your little “Angela” room in your upstairs bedroom. You’ve always had an amazing voice, an incredible presence and a desire to perform and share your talents. I haven’t kept in touch enough to know what kind of concert you’re doing, but I’m sure that you will do an amazing job. You’ve been blessed with talent and God desires to use you as a vessel that He can work through to touch others!

  3. teambarrett18

    Hey Ang,
    I hope that you remember me! I know that you dont know who I am through my married name. I am Molly. Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your blog. Amanda told me about it and I started reading and I cant stop./ I would really like to see you sing this summer because my memories of you singing are in “my fair lady” try outs and you were AMAZING! Molly P.

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    So wonderful to hear from you!!! Of course I remember – I am singing in Indiana at near my Grandparents farm – I dont think you ever went there – I think April did…hmmm…anyways its about 3.5 hours from Grand Rapids. I will post more info soon. I may also have a 4th of July event in the same area. I am pretty excited. I called Mandi to find out how I could get in touch with you.
    All of the sudden the “Brownies” song is in my head – did you do Brownies at Riverside…”Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.” 😉


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