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I am a daughter of the Most High God.
A sinner saved by Grace alone.
(I can’t imagine how crazy that sounds to an unbeliever:)
I am the wife of Joel… affectionately known around P.F. as “Big Daddy”.
I am Momma to Aidan, Amélie and Juliette and Julien.
My chickens. 
My joy.

The thought of being done having babies makes me hurt physically.

Now let’s cut to the chase-

On Being a Christian:
I love the Lord but fail to serve him well.  I could write a book…
I believe my family is my primary ministry focus and I still don’t serve them the way I could on account of Me, Myself and I getting in the way.
I don’t relate to most, sweet, kind, good, Christian women.
How do they do that?
Drop a cuss word and mention how much you love Jesus in the next sentence and I am prone to want to be your best friend.  (IE:  Jamie, The World’s Worst Missionary)

On Motherhood:
I’ve got strong opinions about Moms staying home with their kids.  You birthed ’em, you raise ’em.  The longer I am a Mother and face the challenges of each new age group we encounter the more I question how you can really raise your children (especially in the Fear of the Lord) if you are separated from them 8-12 hours a day.  My husband and I talk all the time about what he makes annually and how I am “able” to stay home… people would be shocked if they knew what we lived on.  It ain’t pretty.  We know so many who make so much more than he does and sure enough, the wife has the first baby and sends it off to daycare at week six.  It frustrates the hell out of me.  Absolutely there are single mothers and unique, sometimes desperate situations and I am sensitive to those – but the S.O.P. of most husbands and wives in this area honestly horrifies me…

Motherhood is fricken’ hard but more so when I get some agenda in my head about what MUST be done in any given amount of time.

Click here to read moreAngela on Motherhood”

On City/Farm life:
We have a self proclaimed “Urban Farm” on our 1/8 acre in a small Chicago suburban town.  I love to grow my own food but never seem to get everything in the ground in a timely fashion.
I love the chaos and hub-hub of the city, especially Paris but I long for the peace and tranquility of the country… our home (which we LOVE) is currently on the market.  We are ready for an adventure and want so badly for our children to have a rural (yet cultured) upbringing.

On Fashion:
I love, love, love, feminine, figure conscious clothing.
High heals, skirts, jewelry and more…
It breaks my heart that if you dress feminine you stick out like a sore thumb among a sea of khaki pants.  Sometimes it makes me feel weird.

For more Parisienne Farmgirl fashion opinions...

On Pregnancy and Childbirth:
While Motherhood is a joy and babies are the best – I do hate being pregnant but feel guilty even writing that because I am so blessed to get pregnant by practically thinking about it.  Pregnancy is VERY difficult for me (and I think even harder on my family who suffers as I spend most of the time curled up and miserable…laundry piling up around me)… I’ll spare you the details but the minute that baby pops out, I pop up and am ready to live life to the fullest again.
Homebirth is what’s right for our family.  I love birth.  Labor is… well… labor, but it is fascinating.  It’s thrilling!   I hope to be a Birth Doula within the next couple years – like a fairy, spreading the natural childbirth pixie dust!

On politics:
Quelle suprise… I am a conservative.
I’ve looked at both sides and it’s the only thing that makes sense.
Rational, responsible thought is rather “vintage” these days – and I love all things vintage!
It seems to me it’s getting more and more ridiculous every day in Washington and there are few people left who  truly want to serve their country.
Stop taxing the hell out of me and get out of my business.
And don’t even think about telling me what to do with my children.

On doing it all:
I do not “do it all”.
That’s silly and it’s a lie that women tell themselves about other women.
No one does it all girls.
Not those girls with beautiful blogs who look like they float around with a halo, cooking from scratch all day while harvesting lavender – and not me.  Not the gals at every flea market finding the best goodies every stink in’ weekend, and not the other girls, the uber fashionistas that make me feel like a frumpy homeschooling Mom – bet they can’t cook a five course meal without breaking a sweat!
No one does it all.
Something always gives – if I am working on a cookbook (like I am right now) my laundry suffers, when we are in the throws of homeschooling, my workouts can suffer.  And after a big weekend, I’ll be honest, the last thing I feel like doing is getting everyone spit shined and driving 40 minutes to church.

On Paris:…

Coming soon….


  1. Pamela

    New to blogs. Thanks to my friend – I am now hooked! I would love to be included in the CONTEST!

  2. sweetridgesisters

    Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to following it.

  3. Kathy's Red Door Welcome

    How have I not been reading you my whole life? My mother has… what took me so long? You rock. I’m teaching my (home-birthed, homeschooled) boys French this year, despite not having spoken more than a dozen words of it in 15 years. I’ll probably have to come to you for help. 🙂

  4. Kathy's Red Door Welcome

    P.S. Congrats on the fourth baby-to-come!! I’m hoping for number 4 myself. 🙂

  5. Ohiofarmgirl

    I’m a Mars Hillbillian also! From the Ballard campus, now living on a farm in Ohio! *runs and hugs Parisienne Farmgirl*


  6. Ivy Clad

    I’m so happy to have found your blog. I love your first picture, especially the little ruts it show in the path. I find your views intriguing & your unintimidated expression of them refreshing. I look forward to following your blog.
    -Keri Doolittle

  7. melyssa

    I somehow found you through a picture on pinterest (where I was not wasting time instead of educating my children, what are you suggesting??). What a lovely blog and a lovely gal and I look forward to following you and sending the link to all my farm-y, home birthing, plaid skirt wearing girlfriends! And although I don’t have a love of French things per se, I am a ballet teacher so I suppose I speak it at least occasionally. Just not in sentences.

  8. Bliss

    “On being a Christian”…..
    takes one to know one… dammit.


  9. cestMoi Sandy

    Oh, Good grief!

    Can’t believe how much we have in common!
    – Daughter of our God Lord and
    Savior Jesus Christ
    – I am your Sister
    – I am a wife to a “bear” of a guy
    – I had my last 4 babies at home.
    – I have a super strong opinion about being a stay at home mom.
    – I feel I should be spreading the Word more often – my biggest fault.
    – I love photography and everything girly especially fashionable very girly yet stylish cloting… (so I too always feel weird when I see tons of khaki and jeans).
    You invited me last week to visit your blog/magazine.
    Well, here i am I LOVE IT!

    I am going to subscribe to your magazine!

    Till soon,

    c’est Moi

  10. Crazy Southern Woman

    You’ve got a new follower! I stumbled upon your blog through a friend of a friend. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

  11. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Angela,
    This is refreshing to read! We do have lots in common and that feels good.
    Wishing you a great 3rd Advent and a Merry Christmas coming up soon (way too soon…!) for you and your precious family.

  12. Cindy Davis

    It’s almost 2021 & I can’t believe I only just found you! My bad! I love everything Parisienne because my daughter Bailey, introduced me to it through her lovely manner. She has been to France on a school trip. Loved it!
    Anyway, I digress. I’m loving what you’re sharing, teaching me about & so graciously showing! You have a beautiful family. They quite tenderly love & enjoy you & your husband & respect abounds! Please continue to do what you so wonderously do! I am so enjoying it!!! A really big “Thank you!” From this Tennessee Southern Girl, Cindy, who was supposed to be “Cindy Lou”, to this lovely Wisconsin Parisienne Farmgirl!


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