Top 7 Garage Sale-in’ Tips

I realize it’s not Siberia in ALL parts of the country so while the rest of us are waiting for temps to reach over fifteen degrees I know some of you lucky dogs are gathering up your quarters, gassing your tanks and hitting the roads for the spring’s first garage sales.

I myself can’t wait.

The kids and I are pro’s and this year we’ll be taking you on our adventures with our video camera.  Me in my baseball cap, a full tank, the Fab Five and whatever money I dug out of the dryer!


Garage Sales

Here are my Top 7 Garage Sale-in’ Tips

1.  Make a plan. 

What do you need this spring and summer?  This could be practical like a new bed frame or fun like something you need to complete a Pinterest project.  When you start off without a plan you end up buying crap that forces you to have your OWN garage sale 18 months from now and I can’t think of a worse way to spend a Saturday  – can you?

2.  Write it down and keep in in the glove compartment.

By keeping your plan handy you can jar your memory before you jump out of the car.  ‘Helps you hone in on what you really need/want.

3. Have change and singles on hand and lots of ’em.

I think it’s just plain rude to ask for a bargain and then pull out a twenty.  I mean – come on.

4.  And on that note – ASK FOR A BARGAIN

But be cool man.  Be cool.  If you really want to play the game you’ll go at the end of the day when people get really desperate to not have to load up the leftovers for the Goodwill.  But if you are going to ask for a deal in the a.m.  have a number in mind.  I always say, “Will you take _______?”   If you just ask something like, “Is the the best you can do”?  Then you are sure-fire going to get that annoying person who says “What do you want to pay?” or “Make me an offer?”  I don’t like banter.  I’m ornery like that.  I’ve got more sales to get to.  Just ask if they’ll take what you have and have the exact change ready and get on to the next sale.  Often flashing that exact amount in a “this is all I have” fashion will seal the deal.

5.  Got kids?  Make ’em pee and pack snacks.

My kids are bottomless, bottomless, bottomless pits with thimble size bladders and the regularity of a farm-raised organic munchkin.  Need I say more?

6.  Go hard core. 

Let’s face it.  Other people’s stuff is often filthy and gross.  Spread a drop cloth down in your trunk space before you head out and a small broom for spider eggs stuck to the bottom of furniture.  Gardening gloves are great for barn sales and dirty merchandise.

7.  Remember – you’re MORE than a woman.

Have twine, bungy chords (how DO you spell that?) and maybe even straps.  You never know what sort of perilous trip you’ll need to make with a to-die-for French dresser sticking out the back of your truck.  You GOT this!  Pack it in there girlfriend!

There you have it.  I’ll bet you are ready to hop on Craiglist and scan telephone poles for paper plate signs now aren’t -cha?

I can’t wait.

It’s gonna be here before I know it.

And remember – this year I’m bringing you along!

Parisienne Farmgirl