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These Days

There is either a pulled clumps of weeds or a camera in my hand. Thought you might enjoy the results of the latter. Life in the Burbs said slideshows are nice-n-all but she justs wants to be able to focus on the photos. Focus away. Not too much torture since in my opinion they are the CUTEST KIDS IN LIKE A MILLION MILE RADIUS!!!!! LOL!

These are all from the last 14 days so Amélie is 6 months and Aidan is 3 years old.

7 thoughts on “These Days”

  1. Awesome pictures and I agree; cutest kids in miles.
    How’s everything going?
    We’re babysitting the grandpuppy for a couple weeks-so we’re sticking close to home.
    Pictures soon from Mackinac Island wedding and camping trip.
    Now that our tree fell, I’m thinking of making a huge garden–the back yard will be full sun.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! Amelie is sooooo cute I could just squeeze her!! I LOVE the rolls, every single one of them :o) And Aidan just needs to be a model :o) You do take great photos and you are inspiring me to get my broken rebel fixed (argh!!) Take care, let’s plan a weekend soon!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I love the photos – and the shot of your hubby with the wedding ring…such a great shot. I love close-up’s like that. You have the most beautiful children…..I just want to smather that baby with kisses and your son is too cute for words! I always love coming over here 🙂 Thank you for sharing –
    xo Sher

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