This weekend our family will be celebrating, though sadly, not together.

My dearest brother and his fiancé are being baptized at her church in Minnesota and at our church here in Illinois Joel and I will be dedicating Aidan and Amélie.

Nicholas and Victoria’s day will be a celebration and public proclamation of their faith in Christ (simply put) following in Christ’s example of being baptized by John the Baptist (and of the new believer Cornelius and his family in the book of Acts). Ours is a day where we will publicly commit to raising Aidan and Amélie in the Christian faith, teaching them what they need to know for the day they acknowledge Jesus as their Lord. Dedicating children to the Lord follows the example of Joseph and Mary when they took the child Jesus to the temple to visit the prophet Simeon who had been waiting to meet the Messiah. (also read Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Proverbs 22:6)

I wish I could be there to see Nicholas and Victoria go in and come up out of the water! I remember when Joel and I were baptized together a couple years into our marriage. It was incredible. I wish I could be with them to affirm the decision they have each made to love Jesus. I wish they could be at our church with us Sunday morning to support us too.

Nicholas and Victoria my God bless this first step you take together just a month before your wedding. May it be the first of many things you do to show the world and each other your love for the Lord.
And Aidan and Amélie I pray this Mother’s Day that as your Momma I am a blessing in your life. And I look forward to and pray for the day when you make Christ your own Savior.

Ladies, don’t forget the legacy you leave your children. My Mom made one for my brother, sister and I and I pray all the time that I am blessing my children with one! Happy Mother’s Day! Go celebrate yourself! You’re raising (or raised) God’s precious little ones!