It’s not so much the treasures as it is finding them!
(Well, sort of. You can’t take ’em with you, but I do love my treasures!) But finding them – THAT’s the thrilling part. Scanning tables, booths, lawns, and boxes for that perfect piece – then finding it! Oh, the pleasure!
And don’t forget the negotiations! Talk about a RUSH!

Clearly, I have “issues.”

But, my Old World amies, you understand the joy of finding a little piece of someone else’s history for your own home, and for me, I make hay while the sun shines! That means, come that day the weather breaks after winter, it’s on like DONKEY KONG, and I start the hunt: flea markets, resale shops, Paris, antique stores… even the rubbish.  This week on Youtube, I’m taking you with me all summer, and then we’ll go back home, and I’ll be styling some of the pieces. But not all, because in a few weeks, I’ll be sharing the Fall French Farmhouse Tour 2023 hour, and you’ll get to see it everything (but of course, some pieces are in my store)!  In the meantime, join me for the thrill of the hunt in this video, AND get a taste of how much fun I have negotiating with vendors.


My favorite finds of the season were:

My Venus at Bath lamp (the negotiation scene)

The Persian scatter rug for in front of Luga

The hand-painted trunk

The English green tin bud vases (LOVE!)

The wooden blue and white vase/stage prop (sold in shoppe)

And, of course, all my Paris treasures:). I’ll be heading back in three weeks, and SO much has sold out in the shop. If you’d like me to personally shop for you in Paris, fill out this form and we’ll arrange for me to bring you hand-selected treasures home!

See you next week on Youtube for a kitchen Q and A video and the Fall French Farmhouse Tour will be the following week!

Love to you all.