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The Sky is Falling!!!

Oh my goodness. 
 If you knew how much I loved that misogynist, chauvinist, tuxedo wearing, glock carrying, shaken-not-stirred, double-O-seven….
You would know how much I wish I had a baby sitter for tomorrow night!!!!
This only happens every couple years!!! 
 I can’t wait!!!!
Daddy — Momma wants to go on a date!!!!

(Hubby saw post and thought I should clarify that while Bond does use a Glock, the gun featured here is a Walter P.P.K.  🙂 

12 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling!!!”

  1. My son and his friends are going to the matinee showing right after school. I asked if I could go but a group of senior boys really don’t want a mom there!

    My hubby is hunting so I guess I have to wait until it is out on Netflix!

    My hubby would have made the same comment about the gun, too!

    Can’t wait to see it!

  2. It’s a Walther. I’ve got one because it is the one Bond has. I am a grandmother and look like I only carry a crochet hook, but don’t mess with me.

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