I am starting to really get emotional about the house.
Each room holds a million memories.  
Tiny voices.
Tiny cries.
Big dreams.
A room that we will never be able to duplicate is “The Schoolbarn”.  The Schoolbarn is part of our unqiue, attached garage.  It’s a 2.5 car garage.  One stall is the original carriage house, I imagine and the other 1.5 was added in the 30’s.  It’s right off the kitchen… just a step down.  It has wood floors, walls and ceiling and about 3 years ago we cleaned it out, painted everything, including the back of the garage door (with chalkboard paint) and made it… “The SchoolBarn.”
We love it.
I never wanted to be the Momma with homeschooling crap stewn all over the dining room or kitchen so it has worked perfect for us. (Truth be told I NEVER wanted to Homeschool until I had a major change of heart). There is a heat vent for the winter and in nicer weather we open the door and school in the fresh air.
It is so unique and so wonderful.  It gives the kids a sense of “going to school” and yet I can go around the corner and re-heat my coffee in the kitchen without skipping a beat. 
We gave our school the name “Whole Heart School”  (for loving the Lord with our whole heart) and we will take that name with us… but I doubt there will ever be another 
And I will cry pretty hard in a couple weeks when we hold our last class in it.
First day of the 2012 school year.

School – en plein air

I absolutely love teaching the kids – it’s the hardest thing I have ever done, but I love it.