The One Where I Work Myself to Exhaustion

Apr 8, 2024 | On Design, On Homemaking, On Motherhood, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 0 comments

All you can do is all you can do.

Well, it happened.

I worked myself to exhaustion and tears on Easter night. — but let me back up a bit…

I’m super particular about how I leave things for my family when I go out of town, which I do about every 12 weeks in some way shape, or form. I like things clean and tidy. I know it’s hard with Momma gone so I like to leave things orderly!

Despite my best efforts, this time, this trip to France, I’m leaving behind a disaster and I hate that. Probably more than they do though. Kids are pretty simple, they want love, food, and a lack of tension.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to fulfill that whole ‘lack of tension’ bit. The long story short is that we’ve been out of power for days and that inconvenience brings its own list of stressors. Right before the power outage, I worked myself to the bone trying to get the darn floor done for them (and myself). I wanted so badly to leave them with a finished product. But, the fact is, I leave TODAY and so I’m raising the white flag (let’s pretend it’s a lovely white, silk Hèrmes scarf.)

Reality check: The floor is NOT getting done before I leave. The floor is NOT getting done before my sister’s visit days after I get back. And ten years from now that won’t matter.

What will matter is how my kids remember my countenance, my fortitude, and whether or not I asked for forgiveness when I blew my top.

This flooring project was stressful enough (fun, but stressful) and then to add to that a four-day power outage… well, let’s just say, I’ll be sharing the hilarity of that chapter when I get home. And I’ll give you a hint: it has lots to do with trying to keep a pet turtle alive in front of the fireplace without cracking the aquarium glass from the heat.

For now – let’s discover the mold behind the copper sink and the next phase of From Chaos to Cuisine and let’s be sure we keep perspective when life gives us curveballs and ask forgiveness when we lose that perspective.

Join me as we explore the next phase of our “From Chaos to Cuisine” series, where we’re finishing the transformation a 1980’s kitchen into the French unfitted kitchen of our dreams – From discovering mold behind the copper sink to navigating the intricacies of kitchen remodeling with kids in tow, we’re embracing imperfection and finding joy in the journey.

We’re going to finish this kitchen one moment one hug and one kiss at a time.

I’m glad you’re here for it.


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