Budget Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful, addictive and… expensive hobby.

You always think you can show restraint but come late spring those flowers and veggies… seeds and brand new gloves beckon you stronger than the pastel colored purses and at Nordstrom counter.

And the worst?


Oh, to have a savings account filled with the money I’ve spent on annuals over the last twenty years.

So here’s a little quick trick.  Got window boxes to fill?  Planters?  Pots?

Why not go Great Gramma style and grow your own sweet potato vine?

Budget Gardening

It’s super easy – just cut your sweet potatoes in half and cover them half way with some water.  I suggest using organic as I’ve never had any luck with conventional.  No doubt they’ve been sprayed to not grow tubers.  Get yours started this weekend and have them ready for (zone 5) planting around Mother’s Day.  Harden them off outside like you would any thing else started indoors.  AND you can keep them indoors too!  What a lovely way to add life to your kitchen.   I’ve been told my Great Gramma had them trailing all around her kitchen.


Budget Gardening

I’ll show you another trick as soon as the weather warms up all the way but for now – go cut up a sweet potato!

Bon Weekend!

Parisienne Farmgirl