I suppose this post is more for the Gramma’s -n- Auntie’s cause of all the photos but we sure had a wonderful time though we were missing “NicToria” — it wasn’t the same without Nic and Vic. We didn’t even play Scattergories!

This was our first time entertaining with the new “Schoolhouse” which I have not even unveiled on the blog yet – – – we took “my side” of the garage which is sectioned off from Joel’s, painted the ancient barnwood, grease stained floor, painted the walls and ceiling, put in a kitchenette area, and hung the door from my Great, Great Gramma’s Farm (so cool!) to keep the cold out from “Joel’s side” of the garage.
We will use the space as our one room schoolhouse for homeschooling Sept-May and as a Potting Shed area for Momma and a place to eat when the mosquitos are thick during the summer! (We will make a giant screen door for the garage). I didn’t find a chandelier yet or get curtains made but it was AWESOME to put the food out on a makeshift table instead of all over the kitchen counters!
Entertaining will never be the same!
I love hosting Thanksgiving! Mom brought her killer stuffing and Chels brought the green been casserole – plus they each brought lovely hostess gifts – we’re talking Godiva tuffles, gorgeous new dish towells and Olive oil pump soap – thank you so much!!!
I love these pics – hubby actually took the camera for the evening since I was busy. Too bad, cause he looked so handsome and there are no photos of him!
We had such a nice time, I only wish we had had more people present! The kids were darling and yes Anne Marie, dare I say with a bit of beginner pride, I did make LeeLee’s dress and CanCan and Aidan’s pants! I just have not taken the time to blog about it.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – I don’t really know why, I just love it. Here are a ton of photos, I couldn’t pare them down so what the heck – let’s just post ’em all plus a workout video in case you ate to much yesterday!

Before – looking towards the kitchen door.

Before – So much potential and a potty chair!

Last night facing the kitchen door!!!

Dish us up!

A great family photo – minus two – and hey, can I just say, we need another marriage and some serious procreating going on. I want to have to set the camera back 10 feet in five years people!

Aidan kindly posed for this sweet portrait. I could eat this kid.

Tata and LeeLee

The spread(s).

Hmmm, I wonder just how many slices of Blueberry pie I can get away with?

Ooooooo, I forgot about leftovers!

Yes, that is a drop cloth (over plywood and horses). Brand new though.

Soon to be three. 53 more days (or less!)

The faux fireplace that Joel found in the garbage for me our first year of marriage. Can’t bare to get rid of it.

The kids and I made pomanders (not the really good ones but the temporary ones) the table smelled so good (thanks for the inspiration Bonjour Madame!) This is my favorite Thanksgiving table to far.

Texting. I know everyone does it but it’s not my baby bag.

We had to bring the fountain in for the winter anyways! So why not enjoy it!??

Mon ange.
“Man time” as Aidan calls it. These chickens L-O-V-E to play with their Grampa Don.

A serious kettle of mashed potatoes! We have enough left overs to eat for a week so Momma is on cooking vacation!

And now for the workout. The kids LOVE to dance to music and when this song came on the other night I had to record them- Don’t mind the creepy, baggy shot of me setting up the camera- just follow along and try not to kill yourself 🙂 You will burn off all those mashed potatoes in no time!
Oh, to have this much energy.