Thanksgiving – Better Late than Never

Dec 3, 2008 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 5 comments

What a week.

We started with a cozy little family Thanksgiving around our table and then walked down the street to have desert with friends and the kids’ Nounou (babysitter).  The next day it was off to my Dad’s Lake Shore Drive (Sheridan) room with a view for order-up salads and an apple pie (I made three last week!)  What a view!  We watched Wall-E.  I was pretty sceptical at first as I really don’t like Aidan adding to the 3 or 4 movies he likes but was won over by the simplicity of the story line which is very much along the lines of a Parisienne Farmgirl type blog post.
Saturday was planned for my Moms.  We got to visit with my brother and sister-in-law which was seriously overdue!  We ate, drank and were merry.  Some of us merrier than others as I had a full blown allergic reaction to my sister’s dog.  I was between miserable and a little itchy the entire day.  My brother prescribed a Neti-pot which is something I have been telling him to try but have never tried myself (now he swears by them for his hayfever).  By the middle of the afternoon I was providing much entertainment as I stuck the thing in my nose and flushed out what I could as curious family looked on (OK, we are weird, we know that).
We watched our traditional “Christmas Vacation” and this time after 15 years of watching it actually counted 4 things we had never laughed at before including the look on Cousin Eddie’s face during the “everybody freeze” scene at the end of the movie!  It is so good to laugh so hard!
By 10pm it was a heated game of Scategories, everyone honing up on their debate skills as we argued over whether or not Hezbollah has actual uniforms or if an Abacus is a Chinese math tool AND a child’s game.  (They don’t and it is, was my ruling!)
Finally around 1am Joel and I went up to the guest bedroom but as I laid there trying to fall asleep the allergic reaction took a serious turn for the worse as my lungs began to freak out on me.  By 1:30 it felt as though I was breathing through a pin hole and I was coughing for air non stop.  By 2:00am we had scooped up the kids, started the Jeep and were headed home, my lungs opening back up with each mile that passed.  By 8:30am we were back at Mom’s (34 miles round trip mind you) with a Claritin in my system to visit until the afternoon!  CRAZY!!!!  So, you can imagine when poor little Aidan asks for a puppy someday what the answer is gonna be!!!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I’ve been teaching Aidan all week about the first Thanksgiving and about how we need to be thankful, so thankful for what we have.  If you had heard the prayer he offered to pray before the meal I think you would agree that some things are taking root in his little heart.  
I am thankful for that.


  1. Faith

    Ah, the memories you made. That sucks about the allergies. What a pain. Lovely pictures. Nice to see your dad in one too. Love you!!!!

  2. cityfarmer

    That day ruled…with that exception … sniff.sniff…I am so sorry ’bout the dawg

  3. cityfarmer

    I am so thankful for you…can we get together b4 the wedding?

  4. Faith

    Ok already, are you gonna post or what!!????

  5. Alpaca Farmgirl

    Love your photos! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. I love the idea that there is a holiday that mostly centers around being together with family and a FEAST! (I also like the football.)

    Glad you had a good one. Happy holidays.


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