Good morning!

It seems we can never escape the reality check that life doesn’t go as planned. There’s always a plot twist.


This season on my podcast we’re talking about creating margin as Homemakers so we’re not always right up against it; whatever “it” may be. We call it, minding the gap. You should give it a listen if you never have. Hear Season 19: Mind the Gap here.

I’m feeling “right up against” it this week. I’ve got emergency plans that require going out of town to see my Gram very unexpectedly and talk about a plot twist. I wasn’t ready for this. (Shame on me) I had no gap, no margin, aside from a packed bag that I keep for just such a moment.

I’ve lamented before and so I suppose I will stay true to form and lament again the difficulty in DOing a project and FILMing a project. It adds hours of extra work. (Not to mention the hours of editing) I love it, but it’s not quite like just getting in there and getting something DONE if you know what I mean.

So here I am. Not minding the gap. It’s Wednesday as I type this and there’s not way to wrap up what we’ve filmed so far of the flooring progress and put it in a video with a pretty little bow for you. But I’ve got a plan –

I’m sharing a video from back in the pandemic heyday when everyone was home and binging Youtube. I knew people were trying to get projects done and so I’m sharing my Top Ten Ways I Stay Organized and Sane. I’ll be adding a bonus 11th way too! Practical and personal advice.

In this video, you’ll learn why I:

1.Get up early

2.Create a family menu

3.Have only useful apps on my phone

4.Don’t put laundry on furniture (or on my Birch mattress:)

and more…

I’ll be gone all weekend so next Friday, God willing, we’ll be back to our floor work. The countdown will be TOTALLY ON by then, with only 7 more weeks until I leave for my next Paris tour.


Thanks for your prayers as I go to visit my Gram. For my safety on the long trip and for her comfort. She’s indescribably more precious to me than any tile floor or YouTube rating.

I’m blessed to be able to drop and go.

I’m blessed to have you too. I appreciate you, your business, and support. Have a lovely weekend.

PS: In prepping to go to Paris, once again, I am accepting five personal shopping assignments. If you’d like me to shop for you at the flea markets, let me know and I’ll get you the details! And of course, you can always shop my SHOPPE for treasures too. CLICK HERE.