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Tango Nada Mas

So tonight was our 3rd Tango lesson – not that dramatic Ballroom Tango crap but real Argentinean Tango. (Like in Evita!) If I do say so myself we are getting pretty good considering we have just a few hours into it.
Tango is not a dance that you can use to show off at parties, like our French obsession it is a subculture. Of the millions that live in the Chicagoland area there are an estimated 300-400 that Tango. Make that 402.
Our teacher is doing this FOR FREE…FOR NADA!!! Out of pure love for the dance. And it seems that he is tired of driving 50 miles to Chicago for Mingolas (Tango dances) and is looking to start a little sub-culture of his own here in McHenry. The Parisenne of this Parisienne Farmgirl thanks him with enormous gratitude! I love McHenry but sometime I go thru a little “culture” withdrawal out here in the sticks.
So, if you drive by and the lights are dim and you see us in a tense embrace in the living room. It’s Tango…nada mas.

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