Forward, backward, inward, outward, bottom to the top, makes no difference where you are, as long as you don’t stop.

Thinking of this scene from Alice in Wonderland (a personal favorite) I’ve decided I’m both the Dodo (for obvious reasons) and one of the many creatures going around in circles, washed away by the waves, only to keep marching.

We’ve already had the “forward motion is everything” conversation, so I’ll spare you that –

But bleep just got real. We’ve moved on from the boot room and are now tearing apart the kitchen.

We’re eating and schooling the the living room now, dishes that were once stored in cabinets are now EVERYwhere, sawdust is my new enemy, running neck in neck with Hobbes, our cat who has taken to peeing everywhere from the stress.

I’M the one that’s stressed, and you don’t see ME peeing everywhere for heaven’s sake! Actually, I’m taking great pains to keep that stress-regulated as best I can. ‘Fact is, I’m a Type-A and for my fellow bio-hacking friends, YES, I’ve got the Mother —- gene, and all this chaos could take a girl like me down so I’ve been making the time-consuming ‘self-care’ and uber priority.

This season on the podcast we talked about creating margin in our lives. We called it Mind the Gap. – Create some SPACE, girlfriend!

I don’t have a lot of time margin these days, but mental margin is something I can create by taking care of myself. We just celebrated the Season 19 Finale! If you need some margin in the garden, in your kitchen, in your mind… check it out. It was an excellent, funny, and enlightening ten episodes!

Listen to Season 19 of Homemaker Chic Podcast Here

With all we’re trying to get done before France and garden season, taking care of myself could easily get put on the back burner. In fact, it could just fall off the back of the stove and go right down to the greasy dust bunnies but I’m making sure to do the following-

  1. Get enough sleep. Hell hath no furry. I’ve GOT to get enough sleep.
  2. Getting some time in front of my red light almost every day. I can’t tell you enough about red light therapy and I’ll be sure to include more details in a health-related video later this spring.
  3. Sauna and cold therapy. NOT fun. Way too time-consuming and miserable but the endorphin high and overall calm hours later can NOT be beaten.
  4. Exercise. Forgot something upstairs and need to go back? I go. I don’t ask a kid to get it for me. One more trip out to my truck for something? I go. A run down to the basement? I go. I KEEP MOVING and I’m still walking and trying to get some weight lifting in a few times a week too.
  5. Vitamins, very little sugar, and of course, a glass or two of Dry Farm a day.

These are the things that keep me physically on track so that my stress has somewhere to GO. Like OUT of my BODY! I love to hit all five each day, but I know I’m keeping steady if I can do three out of five. You can’t run full throttle all the time. It’s not realistic. The time investment is substantial but the payoff is great. I tell you what, nothing purges stress quite like sinking into ice-cold water. The JOY of getting out makes you feel light as a feather and like you can do ANYTHING! Not to mention the joy of sipping a beautiful wine with your meal.

If you enjoy a glass of wine but are committed to eliminating sugar from your diet or hate the way even one glass makes you feel, may I suggest you give Dry Farm a try? My favs right now are their French Cabernets, especially the one made by Bertrand and Vincent Marchesseau from the Saint-Nicola-de Bourgueil region. Even though the kitchen is in chaos, I’m still trying to feed the people! This week’s highlight was just simple sirloin with potatoes and herbs and a glass of this wine. —

How about a practical pronunciation tip for “Bourgueil”? Try this:


But sort of fall off on that last vowel:)

And of course, try a bottle or better yet, treat yourself to a collection of French Cabs here. No added sugar, no GMO yeast, no purple dye to trash your teeth – just clean French wine. And with this link, they’ll throw an extra bottle in your box too!

Click here to Give Dry Farms a Try

In this week’s video, I’ll spare you the shrieks as I sink into that cold water, but I WILL take you to the water on one of my BEAUTIFUL morning walks, we’ll red light, we’ll seal my new floors and get the rugs and furniture out of the way for Phase II…

Utter. Kitchen. Destruction.

Glad you’re here for it:)

PS: If you want me to personal shop at the Paris Flea Markets for you, there’s still time, but space in my suitcases is limited:) Pick your shopping budget here!

Yes! Shop for me Ang!