Thursday Morning Update!
Praise God.
Just as we had suspected the pediatrician had misdiagnosed it… she had told us it would not get bigger as he got older. (It started the size of a quarter and is now about 3 x 3 inches). The pediatric dermatologist said it was a strawberry hema-something-or-other… the better kind of the two that children get. She told us how to care for it, confirmed that it was done growing and said it would probably be gone by the time he is four – if not, whatever was left we could have it lasered off. (Yeah, right. I don’t think I’d ever do that).
We are relieved it was not something they felt needed to be removed right now. 
 I just didn’t want to hear that.
It’s been a long week around here and God in His grace chose to comfort me. When the kids and I stepped out of the elevator there was my Mom, My two Aunts who I love so much and my two girl cousins – who, if they don’t know it – I think I are about some of the coolest people in the world and I love them dearly. I just broke down. It was so wonderful. They had brought crayons and paper for my art addicted children. We hit the Starbucks for a quick visit afterwards. It was such a gift from God to have that support. I am still in awe. (PS – You have never heard a pin drop until you’ve walked into a Lincoln Park Starbucks with four small children!!! Like they had never seen a child before! It was so funny!)
The drive home was long. The Edens in rush hour with two crying babies… but we made it and I had everyone snug as a bug in a rug by 7:45. 
It’s a new day. The sun is brilliant. You girls are so amazing and kind. Thank you for all your comments and emails. I pray that God blesses you today the way you have blessed me.

Original Post Begins-

Good Morning Ladies…

Since so many of you have expressed such and endearing affection for my babies I wanted
to share with you that
I am on my way to the children’s hospital today for a
specialist to look at baby boy’s strange, growing birthmark.
Thinking of everything…
Memories of taking 1st son to the heart specialist…
Wondering how horrible the up to 3 hour drive home in rush hour is going to be… just me and 4 kids who have to eat, pee and sleep during that time.
And of course what the doctor is going to say…
My help is in the name of the LORD!
Your prayers are so appreciated.