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We met when I was in 4th grade and she was in 3rd. Me and Faith. Faith and I. Whatever. Here is the short version of her visit…

This past weekend she came for almost four days with her two boys Noah age 7 and Zach (who Aidan named “Jacque” with his little French accent) age 3.9. And a good time was had by all.
The boys had never left their home state and where shocked that we had Subway here and spoke English (sort of). I think there was more sand in the guest bedroom than in the sandbox come Monday morning and Aidan was in his glory to have two older boys to run after and play with.
We started their Grand Tour off with a trip to the Train Museum and it was amazing! Aidan was thrilled and I was too as we took a clickety-clack train ride out into the country, through farmyards and corn rows, windows open, everyone jostlling along. I expected to see Nicole Kidman walk through with bussle and corset. It was from another time. This is also where Joel and I learned about “A Day with Thomas” and promptly bought tickets to take Aidan to see his favorite train in person this August (yes, a real live Thomas Engine!)
Faith (God bless her) had made a serious butt-extender meal the night before and so Saturday she insisted we order pizza from her favorite pizza place here in town. The following day would be Fathers Day so we all settled in for a good nights sleep – we were taking the boys to Chicago…


Our plans? The Shedd. Poor Joel did not want to go and since it was Fathers Day I insisted he do WHATEVER he wanted – he stayed home (good for him, it’s just a crappy made up holiday anyways!) He thought we were crazy, the temp being 92 degrees and a perfectly good beach around the corner that would have been free!
Here’s how it played out – we parked 15 minutes away – not so bad if you ask me but Faith has this Bessie of a double stroller that she pushed all the way there. We stopped at Buckingham fountain for photos and Aidan quickly discovered he could fit through the rails…we got to the Shedd and EVERYONE AND THEIR FATHER was there and we stood in line in the heat for one hour, when we got inside (finally) it turned out that to see the mother lovin’ dophins costs extra, we (Faith) paid the extra. Like cattle we made our way to the elevator and spent our first three of probably one hundred minutes that afternoon riding to the next floor. We got out and immediately came to the large aquarium in the center full of fish, stingrays and sharks, we pressed through the crowds and then up against the glass and suddenly the last 3 hours of chaos became worth it as Aidan squealed with wonder as giant tropical fish swam right past his face. We would have stood there another 30 minutes had we known that would be the coolest part of our day. From then on it was simply insane.
We fought crowds to get to the food court, then to the PITIFULL dolphin show, then fought some more to see the whales and the penquins (at this point is is WAY past anyways naptimes and Miller times) and we fought and fought and fought onto and off of, onto and off of elevators. We finally put ourselves out of our misery and decided to leave. Traffic home was horrible. We pulled in the driveway twitching, 8 hours after we had left that morning vowing NEVER to go to a Chicago attraction unless it was a weekday with full price admission again. We should have gone to the beach. Some beach.

That night I was really missing my ability to consume DRINK but we survived, the boys played in the sandbox all evening and the next morning. Silly us, they would have been so content to stay home. We could have watched our Mr. Poisson do circles in his fishbowl.

Faith left for home Monday morning, thankfully aside from the Shit Aquarium (opps, I meant Shedd) we had a lovely visit and our boys finally got to know each other. I hope she comes back soon.


  1. Faith

    Ahhhhh….the memories. Thank you so much for having us, and for being so willing to partipate in the day from you know where. The kids enjoyed it even if we didn’t. I’m so glad we visited. I love you and your precious little (growing) family so much.

  2. Faith

    Oh by the way, sorry about the sand :(:( And you totally left out the bra breaking part:):)

  3. cityfarmer

    What bra????

    I did not know the day played out like that…

    Guess you learn something new every day…

    But BDJ….you’re the BEST dad…


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