I am finally back in town…

We received great news about Greta in the last 24 hours. First her MRI done yesterday showed NO brain damage from the lack of oxygen (she was purple when she was found in her room), the doctors still said it could take a week for her to wake up.
However, today she began to wake up. I am told she has that sparkle in her eyes that she is known for, she has been “high fiving” people and smiling as letters of lover are read aloud to her, between all these things she does drift back to sleep though. She also is still not breathing on her own. There is a number involved here and it needs to be 500 and she is at about 390.
All in all the doctors say she will be there about 3 weeks which is devastating to the family. My uncle is a trucker and can not bare to get back in his truck and head across the country. They are going to need financial as well as continued physical miracles.
We are so grateful to God for the apparent lack of permanent damage. This dear family has a long road ahead of them but the good news keeps coming in.
Thank you for your prayers.