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I am currently enjoying the pleasure of helping my sister-in-law plan her trip to Paris and other parts of France.  
I could do this for a living!  
Before our first trip to Paris so many years ago I studied so hard for so long, learning the city that when we came up the stairs out of our R.E.R. stop I walked us straight to our hotel, without even using a map. I was only 25 and it felt like quite an accomplishment.
The city is burned into my brain.  
One suggestion I will give my SIL in our next round of correspondence is to be sure to enjoy Paris on a Sunday morning.  Sure, it would be fun to groove the night away at the Bain Douche or even some dumpy little local club like Club Z… but if you save enough energy for Sunday morning… you will have Paris all to yourself.  It’s a photographers dream.  The bistro chairs will be stacked atop each other in the café windows and the only people you will encounter are a handful of indulgers stumbling home and the hotel keepers washing off their front door step with a mop and a bucket.  You can walk right out into the middle of the Blvd. St. Michel and snap a photo like I did here.
I hope to go again with my whole clan in the next two or three years… 
Any plans for Paris??