Summer Meal Inspiration | Einkorn Carrot Cake, Tomato Confit, Salt Crust Chicken

Jun 23, 2019 | Recipes, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 3 comments

Summer Meal Inspiration

I can’t think of anything l love more than being a homemaker.

Yes, I’m a business woman, blogger, YouTuber and all that, but creating a safe, beautiful world for these people to call home is my greatest passion. I want our home to be our centre. Not a home plate that gets touched quickly before dashing out into the world. Smells, sights, tastes and touches… I crave for it to radiate comfort, love and warmth. I want everything else to feel mysterious, adventurous, exciting… but constantly leaving a longing for home. For me, so much of this effort begins in the kitchen.

My kitchen. Well, at least that’s what I call it. The truth is, these days the children have such an interest in food, they are ALWAYS in my zone. Underfoot, tugging on apron strings, sitting on countertops, pulling up stools, all manner of sizes from fourteen to three. I guess the years of teaching them about food sources, flavours and method are paying off. Now they want to cook without me.

All the time.

Teaching Children to Cook

I’ll admit, sometimes it’s sorta difficult to surrender a clean kitchen to the learning process. Not to mention expensive, organic ingredients that I budget and plan so carefully for. No great gain without great sacrifice though, right?

And so, my girls, in particular, have adopted a “baking day”. “Mom, can I bake today?” They crack open a cookbook and do their best to make a loaf of bread, pastry or cake that can contribute to our evening meal.

Is Einkorn flour difficult to use?

This week Juliette came to me with the Einkorn cookbook. She’s obsessed with the colour and texture of Einkorn and I can’t say that I blame her. (You should try Einkorn crackers – AHmazing!) Working with it is a sheer pleasure. It’s buttery and yellow and softy and we just love it. If you’re new to it, there IS a learning curve, but not so much when considering cakes and treats… she let me help her this week and we made another precious memory in the kitchen, adapting the Jovial Einkorn Carrot Cake recipe to suit our tastes and ingredients we had on hand.

I think you’ll really enjoy it and why not invite a little one to help you too 🙂

Einkorn Carrot Cake

I’ll be back in a few days to share the tomato confit recipe and of course, you can find the Salt Crust Chicken recipe in From France to the Farm. Be sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to get a free excerpt of the book.

Bon appetit!


  1. Debra

    Your daughter working in the kitchen – was so sweet!
    Your kitchen counters look amazing! What are they made of?

  2. Rachel C.

    Another gorgeous video Angela. I always love seeing your kitchen; it is so incredibly swoon worthy and dreamy. Oh my that copper stock pot next to the stove, be still my heart! I will be trying the Einkorn carrot cake recipe this week, I made Einkorn waffles the past two mornings, love them. I don’t know how I lived without Einkorn! Shaye got me started on it in the Cooking Community and I have fallen madly in love. Juliette did a beautiful job on the cake, so pretty. She handled that Cuisinart like a pro. Where did you find the garlic “smasher” that’s shaped like a mushroom?

    The deer fence looks great and the garden is absolutely stunning. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Carolyn Kirsch

    Tomato confit recipe, please.


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