Summer Garden Tour

Aug 31, 2019 | Door County, Gardening, Potager, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 12 comments

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour





















That’s right, it’s time for a Summer Garden Tour.  When all else fails, when the sunshine drowns out the color and the wind blows so hard you can hardly fly the drone…

When the tomatoes are a flop and hydrangea burns because you overestimated the sunlight…

When you experiment with new photo filters and end up hating them…

Well, you carry on and you post about your garden anyways.   Lest the first leaves begin to fall, leaving this moment lost forever.



Why do we hide success?

What it is about us that makes us hide our successes or worse yet, not be able to acknowledge them as such?

Summer Garden Tour

Why is there the occasional struggle to be comfortable with the process?

Our world, especially here on social media, is full of images of perfection.   From beach bodies to perfectly manicured gardens, spotless smiling children* to kitchens that look showroom new; we feel the need to hold back until we can share our own perfected image.   I see and hear it all the time:

(*BTW, those spotless children AREN’T mine.  Mine are darling, but feral with lots of dirt under their fingernails.)

“I’ll treat myself to new clothes when I lose the weight.”

“I’ll start a blog once I get all my ducks in a row.”

“I’ll wait ’til my kids are grown and then I’ll learn how to cook the kind of food I really want to eat.”

Or – In my case this month, I’ll share my summer garden once:

-the fence is finished

-the fall beets are planted

-the cabbage is replanted

-the strawberry patch is weed-free

And so on and so forth.   And in waiting for my little gardening world to become perfect, I ALMOST missed my window to share my summer garden with you.   The mornings are cooler now here in Door County, the navy blue waters are now midnight blue and waves crash where bays have been clam all season.   Winter is coming and this infant garden has paid her dues and deserves to be shared.

From forest and overgrown lawn, FULL of invasive oregano, to the beginnings of our own Giverny, this space represents countless sketches, money saved and set aside, hours drooling at David Austen and many tears cried out during our rental years.   The stresses of life can’t find me out here.   They don’t know the way down the stairs and into this world.  This space is my joy and my sanity.   And this is just the beginning.

I wrote the other day about the problem of being a creative person.   The problem being, that you can see the finished product in your mind’s eye, but Reality is a keeper of time and she paces our efforts.    If you are a visionary -This is an amazing skill, and if you have it, good for you. If not, I bet you have a girlfriend who does, who would LOVE to be asked about YOUR vision for HER project.

The flip side to the visionary coin is sheer frustration.  You can see it, so thus, it must be so, but remember, Reality is a keeper of time and she paces our efforts.   If you’re like me, you see the results of five years worth of effort, instantly in about five seconds and even with the energy to give it your ALL to bring it forth…

Time exists.

Budgets ebb and flow.

Reality sets in.

And patience is a commendable virtue.

So here she is.   Eighteen months old.   Unfinished and yet, damn it, she’s fabulous.  Ugly photo filters and all:)

(Be sure to enjoy the video above to learn more about the color palette and see the BEFORE shots of this space before we moved our first stone or dug our first spadeful of dirt).




Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour





















Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

\Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour, Potager, Cottage Garden

Thank you so much for spending a little of your day with me.   I know you’re busy and I love it that you turn here for a little inspiration.  If you’d like an (almost) daily dose of Joie de Vivre, be sure to sign up here.  I’m launching EXCLUSIVE content for my friends who want to hear from me via email.   You won’t see it on YouTube or anywhere else.  It’s just for you:).    My first exclusive Joie de Vivre message starts September 16th!

I hope you enjoyed the tour and that’s you’ll share your in-progress beauty with our friends and maybe even the world!

Later this week on and YouTube I’ll be sharing some herbal inspiration by way of “bouquet garni”.   Stay tuned!

Garden Tour


  1. Daphna

    You and Shea are going to be the death of this 67 year old Texas gal. I have had a row style garden for many years and decided to do a potager garden because of you girls. I already had a few beds and added some more this year outlined with rock and pathways made from crushed granite. That was a lot of work! I do not know if I will ever obtain the success that you have accomplished. I read your blog from the time you had to move because of your chickens. Oh by the way, I also have chickens and ducks. So enjoy your videos and blog.

  2. Jez

    I love, LoVe, LOVE your gardens Ang! It’s evident that you put so much heart and soul into ALL you do.
    I too dream of some day having maybe even just 1/4 of the garden you have! So dreamy!!! I’m takimg notes, so look out!
    You truly are an inspiration!

  3. d

    Congrats on this gorgeous garden!!! You have a wonderful wonderful space here. I admire you so.
    God bless,
    d in Kansas

  4. Nana Diana

    It’s beautiful in all its imperfect perfection. It makes my heart sing to look at it. Your heart is living its dream and what could be better than that?
    Living ‘down under’ here in Green Bay, WI. We used to live in Sturgeon Bay. Hugs- Diana

  5. Linda a.

    You and your husband are an amazing team.
    I so enjoy watching and reading about your life
    and progress. Bless you!

  6. Sandy

    You have one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Marta

    I dunnno…. looks pretty darn perfect! Great job!!!

  8. Nita Hiltner

    It is gorgeous. I don’t have enough room in front or back yard to do this, but I can enjoy yours. Love it.

  9. Leslie

    Love your gardens and everything you’ve done. Next year could you please list the flowers you’re starting with and if you’re direct sowing or starting before spring. I would love to follow along and be able to get some and start with you. I’m in about the same zone and would love to see what works.

  10. Charlotte Sennersten

    What a wonderful energy you have and really love your garden! -I became so happy when I saw your videos this morning when I searched for ‘French Veggie Garden’. Hi from Australia :-)!/Charlotte

  11. Anna

    I’d love to know more about how you built your border walls and fencing! I absolutely love the aesthetic. I’m working mostly with trees that were felled on our property, as well as finding rocks to bring in as borders…I’m SO NEW to British style/French gardening! It’s been a lot of frustrating moments! (As well as some small wins). Watching your garden progress is really a gift as it also helps me to consider better ideas. Thank you!! I really love reading through your blog and am gaining so much from the videos. Its a gift!

  12. Rachael Alsbury

    It’s stunning!! The best part is this is your actual home, not a magazine shoot! What an accomplishment to be proud of.


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