(I forgot a couple of photos and just added them Wednesday morning!)

I don’t prefer perfection.

In human beauty, in nature and mostly in interior design.  
I think perfection is over-rated.
I am talking about going beyond the oh-so-trendy chippy white paint.
I’m talking about crumbling walls, furniture with ratty edges, plaster cracks and sooted provençal fireplaces.
I know it’s not for everyone – it wouldn’t be fun if it was!

I have a long love of the second hand, the previously used, the antique and if I EVER built a new home it would be made with rough skimmed plaster, rock walls, vintage terra cotta roof tiles and wood plank floors – not tongue and groove… just wood planks, side by side, with inconvienient spaces where crumbs could and and will fall.
One of the reasons I am so attracted to true French style (if you EVER really want to hear me rant, ask me what I think true French style is not :)… One of the reasons I am so attracted to true French style is that it’s full of imperfections — that are perfect.

Beauty is in the eye of the cracked-plaster-ceiling-owner-beholder.
Say that five times fast.

This year I will be trying to “add” more imperfections to our home– as many imperfections to our Parisienne Farmhouse as I can.  Even with a 150 year old house in can be difficult mostly because you are dealing with need for functionality, especially when considering a family.

We can’t all live toute seule in an abandoned chateau.
Corridor with vaults

Main stairway

         Cette année I hope to…
 -take out my ugly, semi-shiny floor tile in my kitchen and replace them with salvaged wood planks – half painted and half sanded á la Anthrolpologie

I know it can’t be this chippy but something along the lines of these two photos I found searching painted plank floors…

-save the money required to put up a faux rock wall in my dining room

-get rid of the VERY LAST of the ceiling fans

-learn to get that cruddy, white washed look on my walls so they don’t look so perfect  (see walls on inspirational photos below)

-start to weed out all my outdated, gold, merchandise mart looking frames and find a creative way to display family photos

-replace my ugly little bathroom sinks with interesting pieces of furniture that I will find and paint and old bowls that I will drill and drain into as use as the sinks

This is NOT my house but I want to do something like this only I need to find lovely little pieces as our bathrooms are very small.  I was thinking like a old, French sheet music cabinet or something!  And gorgeous transferware bowls for the sinks… L-O-V-E faucets that come from the wall — hubby said he was down with that!

-find another antique baby crib to use outside with my garden furniture (we already have an antique crib for our children)

High Hopes I know and lot’s of projects but in this modern world it takes a lot of styling to create Perfect Imperfections…

Here are a handful of photos that inspire me…
There are so many more but alas, I made chili on this wintery day and the kitchen needs to be tidy…

Photo sources:
One of the BEST French decor mags:  Compagne Décoration
Book:  Provençal Escapes by Caroline Clifton -Mogg
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