It’s happened upon flattered occasion that I receive the sweetest emails asking me to write about my personal style.  I’ve always been hesitant aside from the occasional post like who am I to write on style?... but as I am on pins and needles waiting for my September Vogue I thought,  Hey, why not?  And so….

Enter – the Style Files.

My excuse to talk style tips, fashion and pretend to have a clue.


Sounds fun – right?

Now, Let’s talk about the middle finger.
No, not about the bird.
The middle finger.
On my right hand specifically.

Navy blue dress with side wrap detail.  Turquoise necklace and bracelet with favorite bright colored ring.

Selected for our Door County portraits by Ping Photography.

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv to wear rings on my middle finger.

Big rings.

Yeap – while I suppose my clothing style leans a bit more classic my accessories style leans a bit more dramatic and nothing says drama to me personally like a
Chunky ring.

At this point, it’s almost a hang up for me.  If I am dressed to leave the house and don’t have a middle finger ring I feel naked.  

Like walking around without earrings…. quelle horreur.

Those darn rings make me feel confident.  
Corny, I know.

SOMETIMES I wear the ring on my right ring finger.  If it is a more feminine ring, like my Diana knock off it looks much more elegant on a ring finger but my big chunky ones definitely go on my middle finger. 

I’m almost just as neurotic about a bracelet on my right hand too.  But I don’t have as many of those.  Just a few.  And they rock.

Drama isn’t about being tacky. 

I abhor tacky.  

It’s about being bold and knowing what works for oneself. 

To keep things tailored stick to ONE ring per hand.  

Let’s continue with that… and these are just my personal “style rules”:

One earring per ear.   And if you think cheap shoes will ruin an outfit so will cheap looking earrings.  If you want to look like you care – even on your “worst Mom day” then keep earrings in your ears.  Simple studs will suffice and a nice zirconia will brighten your entire look.  If hubby hasn’t bought you the real deal yet (insert wishful sigh) you can get affordable sterling silver zirconia at T.J. Maxx, Target, even Amazon like these:

I stress that you wear a REAL metal in your ears if you are going to wear them daily as cheap, fake, jewelry is LOADED with HIGHLY toxic cadmium and lead.

If you must wear a nose ring (and I’ve got two cousins who this totally works for) then a simple stud is chic… but let’s not walk around looking like a bull if you know what I mean.  Just my little ol’ opinion. 

Bracelets?  Oh goodness.  I’ll stack as many as I can, again, most of the time only on one hand.  Sometimes just one bracelet, sometimes different sizes and thicknesses like that lovely cluttered Chanel look…  Pearls, beads, gold and more pearls.

I’ve had some of my rings forever.  I’ve received rings as gifts and found the rest of them here and there over the years.  My big green one was on clearance at T.J.’s for $3!!!  I love it but wear it sparingly lest the cheap metal wear off.  I had one in my hands up in Door County for $296.  It was gorgeous, silver with some opaque stone I’d never heard of but I opted for my olive buckets instead… but darned if I can’t stop thinking about that ring!  

So on that note let’s shop!  I did a little scouring on Amazon and found these ranging from $5 to about $85. 

THIS ONE IS MY FAV!  I WANT this one!!!


Big rings tend to be big on color.  Instead of matching my clothes and accessories I’ll often chose a complimentary color instead.  

Here’s how you I might pair mine up:

Navy clothing – green or pale pink accessories or sometimes coral

Khaki clothing – navy, green, coral or metal accessories

Mustard/yellow clothing – navy accessories

Green clothing – navy/sapphire accessories

Pink clothing – iridescent or cream accessories

Black clothing – pearls, vintage black beads and red shoes for fun

Neutral clothing – don’t be afraid to add color to a neutral colored outfit.  Sure you can go with accessories that are metallic or made of something naturally woven but a splash of color is fun and confident like my favorite necklace here or this sheath with peacock green suede pumps.

Lame photos I know… clothing is impossible to shoot!   But I’ve decided this is what I’ll be wearing for Thanksgiving this year.  Calvin Klein hounds tooth sheath (thank you clearance aisle at T.J. Maxx) and peacock green suede heals.  Aw-yeah. 

And then pajamas for dessert time of course!!!

So, what’s part of your “signature look” when you leave the house? – middle finger rings are definitely part of mine!  

Parisienne Farmgirl