Ok, here is something new, cause I am missing my Pop Culture and Politics rants but I know I’ve got a lot of new readers in the last month or so…so…I’ll break you in gently…LOL…

With that disclaimer or sorts, let’s begin again…

 So basically we are, once agin being encouraged to be to be single, child-free, self centered, narcissistic, recycling robotrons.
We can surf the web anywhere on the earth – alone, we can come home and watch hours of mind numbing, spirit crushing television – alone, we can sit on Facebook and pretend to have real conversations with our friends and family – alone – and now we can drive, with no other choice but to be alone.
I’m hoping I don’t have to unpack this, I am hoping we can all see the signs here and there… that there is little, if nil value placed on the traditional family these days.  Call me paranoid but I see things like this stupid car and it’s the first thing that comes to my mind.
  I’m saving money for a big ole’ Suburban for me and my expanding flock of “chickens”
…I suppose that puts me one level up from Beelzubub.

Photo Source:  FoxNews.com