This has been an incredible summer season and just when I think I’ll be able to come up for air – BOOM.

Homeschool starts.

Preparing my Roses for Winter

I had to take a break the other day, a break from the laundry, the menu planning, the essential oils and the incredible amount of food piled in my kitchen waiting for it’s turn for the crock, freezer or to hang from the ceiling…. I had to take a break.

I had to stop and smell the roses. Literally.

Sadly, it’s pretty easy to spend so much time and creative mental energy making your surroundings as lovely as you can manage, that you forget to enjoy the visual fruits of your labour. I’m a self-professed workaholic. I love to work and because of it, often, it’s not working at all. It’s just me being active or creative, productive or some other “ive”.

Well, I walked in from the barn the other day and got a look at my rose garden. It looked like crap. Weeds and roses, untrimmed and long and scragelley. (How do you spell “scraggly” anyways?) A little more work, I thought to myself.

And so, I dove in, headfirst, and fought sprawling weeds and thorns to get control of that space again. It was incredible. The cicadas buzzed in the background and the cool September breeze put my over-driven mind to rest.

I loved on my roses and they loved on me.

I praised them for their beauty and their willingness to wait patiently while other things distracted me. I told them how happy they made me each time I walk up the gravel path of this little rental farm and I thanked some of them for staying alive for ten years plus now… surviving the move and an overbearing, hideous maple tree which steals the sun they so deserve. I spoke with anticipation of their bright orange hips in the winter, brilliant and covered in ice.

And then I gathered the happiest blooms I could find and some gorgeous purple and green sage and put a vase by my bedside. There are always flowers in my kitchen but it’s been a long time since I put flowers by my bedside, I’m ashamed to say.

And though I was “working”, in my heart, I had stopped to smell the roses.

And it was amazing.

Preparing my Roses for Winter

I couldn’t resist putting a little video up. Aidan and I are bonding over YouTube.  Some fun mother/son editing moments.  I don’t go into crazy detail on getting your roses winter-ready. There are some great tutorials out there. But here’s a few simple ideas for your roses. I hope you enjoy.