Still Sunnin’

May 29, 2006 | Full Time Family | 3 comments

Oh sweet mother of Ra!
Summer is here!!! I am feeling lean, mean and tan..OK maybe I am just feeling tan. We have been chillin’ (sweatin’) at the Farm since Friday and loving every minute of it.
We eat and swim and eat and swim..yesterday in full sun protection gear Aidan took a swim in 70 degree water! He went bonkers and I dont think he stopped smiling the entire time he was in the pool.
With Wilke and my siblings around the laughs have been so intense I thought my bladder was gonna fall out. Crazy faces on a new Mac program and we have invented a new way to swear that makes me laugh so hard every time I say it! I’ll share it with you and maybe it will catch on and sweep the nation!
Being SO SICK of hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain on movies and in public and being just about as sick of seeing Tom Cruise’s face every time we turn around…the inspritation REALLY started with the preview for Talledaga Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby! In the preview he prays as he wrecks and says “Help me Jesus, Help me Jewish God, Help me Tom Cruise!” To which I threw myself on the floor laughing! Then I said, wouldnt it be funny if we started taking Tom Cruises name in vain? We all laughed and then Nic yelled, “Tom F______ Cruise!” and it took off…

“Thomas H. Cruise”
“Tom, Kelly and John” (Said with and Irish accent like, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!’
“Oh my Tom!”
“Holy Mother of Tom” …you get the picture…

…and when you are really pissed off you could throw in a, “Kirstie F_______ Alley” for good measure!

Wouldn’t that be hilarious if our new venacular swept the nation???

So back to reality tomorrow! With my smokin’ tan and new language. And a baby that is as addicted to swimming as I am to him!!!


  1. Life in the 'Burbs

    Aidan needs to swim in our 88 degree pool!! :o) yes, the pool is open and ready for business so get your butt home! later

  2. Amanda

    Ang, I am peeing….Cameron has that SAME HAT!! He wore it this weekend at the lake (my dad’s house) but I didn’t get any pictures!!!

  3. cityfarmer

    You’re SOOOOOO handsome!
    Gramma loves you.


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