Unpacking like a manic.
I have SO much I want to share but I have been falling in a heap at night.
I just want to return to blogging so bad. I miss it. I miss the creativity behind the posts.
 I miss the rapport with the readers.
Please pray – I have been have some respiratory problems.
 It’s REALLY slowing me down.
In fact, I am setting my pride aside
 and I will be delaying the January edition of the magazine
because of that and some other health issues.
It will come out 2.1.13
I hate to do it – but PFM in many, many, many ways, is a one woman show when it comes to actually laying it out and getting the magazine into your hands… ahem… onto your computer screen.
 Please forgive, but I am only human and life is getting in the way of my scheduled work.
We are in the process of trying to find the source of my symptoms.
Obviously, we are praying it is not mold… as having to leave this house after everything… emotionally and physically that we have gone through to get here…
I can’t even think about it.
But something is going on.
I sound like a smoker, my eyes are bloodshot, I am VERY uncomfortable during my much-loved workouts and I have these random coughing fits that are really upsetting my husband.
We almost went to the ER the other night my breathing was so restricted.
‘Family keeps wondering why I didn’t notice this before…
I don’t know…
The weather has been so nice, I am so warm blooded… we only recently closed up the house and turned on the furnace.
Praying it’s DOG HAIR (you know how much I love dog hair).
 Praying it’s not mold.
I am going to try to throw up a bunch of half -a$$ed posts in the next couple days. So many of you have been on this journey with me for so long… I wish I could just have you over for coffee, give you a tour of the place… and thank you for your support.
These breathing problems are an attack on our family.
Our stress level over the last year has been just about unbearable and we have done our best to protect our children from it but Mom and Dad are human… we snap, we over-react… So, we are here to pull together even closer as a family, learn new skills, chill out more… and savor life. We are desperately looking forward to Christmas – to relaxing with our children, to hosting a joyous holiday with my extended family.
The stress has GOT to end.
I am putting my foot down.
Enough is enough.
Remember that thing I posted a couple months ago?
“Whatever doesn’t kill me had better start running?”
-Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl