Lots-o-links here girls…
Oh, I have s SOOOOOOOOO much to share with you!  THE wedding is ONE WEEK away and I am hot and heavy with the glue gun.  Having WAY to much fun and keeping step by step track of these projects so I can share them with you.  (Here is the shower in case you missed it… just to wet your appetite!)  (Oh, and here’s the engagement session!)
Mom (The Infamous Savvy City Farmer) and I have decided we are going to share just about everything with you after we have recovered from the wedding.  How we did it and the nitty gritty on how much it cost.  Employing her signature phrase, “This Million Dollar Look for a Buck”
On that note, since so many asked, here are two links: 
One for my Shampoo and “Conditioner” recipe

(Update Sat. p.m.:  Someone just told me the post does not have my “conditioner” recipe so here it is… you ready for this?  I rinse with a cup or two of white distilled vinegar.  Yeap, it helps tone down the heaviness that the Castille soap based shampoo can create in your hair and makes it as smooth and soft as ALL get out!  Don’t worry, the smell is gone in seconds!)

(I don’t think I have spent more than $15 in the last two years on laundry detergent!)
I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions and requests.
I do like the idea of really diving into explaining our weekly menu in the Parisienne Farmhouse.  I might not get to it before the wedding but I think it’s a great idea to write about meals and their individual costs.
Oh, one more thing… though I have it “hidden” if you scroll your mouse up to the top of the page you will find the search box where you can type in a word/topic to see if I have covered it in a previous post.
A bientΓ΄t!