style="text-align: center;">This is not the post about how grateful I am for Hubby’s job. I’ve written those and I will again.
There are words I love…
And words I hate, mostly introduced into pop culture by some idiot …
All texting acronyms…
The very word makes me want to gag.
Can you tell by my last few posts (or lack of) that I am hot, crabby and pregnant.
And this week I get to be all those things with Hubby around. (Poor Guy) He is taking his vacation time.
“Staycation” is some totally sh- – ty word that was made up by some jerk to make people feel good about not being able to afford to leave home for vacation.
Well, I don’t feel good about it.
As a matter of fact, I think it SUCKS.
My husband works so dang hard…
SO physically HARD
and it’s NEVER enough.
I have put $100 worth of gas in my Suburban in the last seven days and you know where I have gone?
The grocery store,
My Moms,
The Midwife,
and garage sale-ing… in my own town… twice.
Now it’s easy to go on autopilot reading that but let me say that again…
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS SPENT ON GAS! We are so desensitized! That is a TON of money to get from point A to point B a handful of times!
Staycation… bah.
A friend recently asked me if I had the “honey-do” list ready to go and trust me… I’ve got one… and it’s a mile long, especially with a baby on the horizon… but I can hardly bring myself to bring it up.
“Hey babe, I know you have the week off…
BUT could you…
Install the tile, toilet and sink in the downstairs bathroom, (cause if I have to walk upstairs to pee one more time I might have a hissy… oh wait, I’ve already had like three of those today… sorry),
Vacuum and tidy the basement,
While you’re down there, move the washer and dryer over to the north wall and get rid of the “shower” hanging over the washing machine,
Paint Juliette’s room,
Paint the new baby’s room after we move all the crap in there down to the basement,
Paint the kitchen cause I don’t think I can take one more day of “Provence Yellow”… 7 years is enough,
Help me pull some weeds,
Fix the two broken kitchen drawers,
Install a lock on the garden gate…
Oh and while you’re at it,
my alcohol/blood level is dangerously low for such gorgeous summer weather.
Could you mix me up a pitcher of your fabulous margarita’s for me to sip on into the evening??”
… oh wait, I’m super pregnant. There will be know Frozen Rita’s for me this summer.
Now, we haven’t taken a real vacation in over seven years and I know, for a lot of people, it’s been a lot longer than that. This is not the time to lecture me about being a Princess – this Momma is already ticked enough. I am well aware people are suffering around the world.
I’m no princess. I grow a garden, have three kids, homeschool, drive 1997 vehicles and make my own laundry detergent for crying out loud.
ALL BY CHOICE mind you, I am not waving the “Poor Me” flag. But I miss the days of a REAL vacation (IE: Paris, Florida, St. Martin and the Thorp House Bed and Breakfast – not the kind where you
rent a cottage and cook all your own meals and feel guilty about the ones that you don’t.
This economy “sucks.”
As icky as it is I LOVE THAT WORD too but never get to employ it on account of My Chickens.
I feel as though we are all being programmed to be happy doing with less. As if it’s some crime to want a better life than the one you had as a child, that it’s a crime to want to go on vacation, like you should feel bad about it cause some idiot in Washington can’t figure out what a BUDGET is!!!
Doing with less is fine... if it’s my choice. We are not big consumers anyways and proud of it! I may love fashion, makeup and designing my home and I love coming up with ways to do all that for less… WHEN IT’S MY CHOICE... not because it cost’s $5 to buy healthy milk for my kids and $15 for my husband to drive to and home from work every day.
My SIL was just griping in my comment box about the fact that there is really no “saving” of money with all this frugal-do-yourself cooking and shopping we do. She is so right. I may make my own detergent, but it’s not so I can pocket the money to SAVE (what’s that??) for a rainy day. Or a real vacation, for that matter. It’s because buying Tide regularly would probably break us.
Oh, I suppose I should feel bad for wanting a bigger family too. After all, us procreators don’t exactly fit into “green” cars. And we make a lot of dirty laundry.
Which all comes back to my longing for a REAL vacation. Me and hubby in a lawn chair, munchkins frolicking in the surf… maybe even a decadent cousin brought along to babysit while we go out at night…
Staycation. BAH!
You know what “staycation” means for Momma?
It means 
“Keep doing what you were doing*.”
Which reminds me, the laundry needs to be moved along. And I guess I’ll go make dinner now.
*Thanks Mom for the hilarious definition while we were on the phone the other night!