style="text-align: center;">So, thanks for reading while I went off yesterday.
If you haven’t read my thoughts on the word “Staycation” scroll back for a good laugh.
It felt REALLY good to throw a little fit!!!
Of course we are having a WONDERFUL time as a family and we’ve only just begun!  Even before this “Staycation” began we have been having a riot with the kids bid enough to enjoy things like fishing, the drive-in theater and our giant blow up pool!
We’ve also had fun at our city week long festival, harvested from the Potager, delivered produce and eggs with our wagon to neighbors, garbage picked a John Deere tractor for Aidan and experimented with “Gogglers” as Amélie has modeled…

Can’t wait to show you more!

But I still HATE the word!

Oh, and as for two things I said in my tantrum,
I L-O-V-E our Door County cottage rental vacations, I just would love to stay in a hotel and not cook a meal for a week someday.
And, “some idiot in Washington” means ALL of them!  This mess of course is not one persons doing!

It’s 93 degrees… got to get back in the pool!